Something funny going on

Not sure if something fishy is going on, or if someone just has it out for me… last year (November/December) I had 2 care packages from a sponsor who’s no longer here seized en route to me… the first one was shipped before they were removed from the community, the second was a re-ship after they were removed. Now I’ve got a 3rd package, from my other go to who’s still good as gold, supposed to be in my mail on Monday, not delivered and now all the sudden tracking info not available for the package… FML!

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What the hell, I hate to say bad luck but uhhhh

I don’t understand? Was the tracking number available at one point and now it’s not?

I would definitely not use that shipping address anymore. Probably best for you and sponsors.

Also though usps is horribly slow right now. My pack has been sitting in the same spot for 5 days now which is still a whole state away from my delivery address

I think their all slow, not everyone uses usps either…

That’s spooky. I don’t know what to say bro. Hopefully you get good guidance from someone more experienced here.

I ordered something from a every day shipper and it came with a warning that it can take upto 2 weeks to arrive when you pay for 3 day shipping.
So shipping is definitely not going well

Yep I got a package a week after paying for next day.

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@John, tracking # is still available, Monday it said “out for delivery” and now as of yesterday, it’s back in the origin state and says “in transit” with no delivery info available, and where it used to show that it was in my cities postal office and out for delivery, that is gone and has zero updates since the origin scan from the USPS it was shipped from


Maybe it’s your mail carrier, I’m lucky to get my mail sometimes or I’ve watched my package arrive at the hub in town and should been delivered next day but then they ship it back to the major city hub then back to the hub in town.

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We just got a Christmas card dated post stamped a month ago

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This has been happening alot wtf is this shit all about they send it one step away and then ship it off to almost the beginning some time lol


Did it have an “arrival at unit” scan? This should have prompted an “out for delivery” event.

There are instances where system generated scans can all of a sudden pop up and it will say in transit from the destination, when in actuality it has already passed that process.

Also, if it went through customs, they can now recall packages after they have left the customs facility. So it could be going back there.

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@Juggernaut. Monday the USPS website said it had been scanned in my town and was out for delivery, Monday evening it changed to “late delivery by 8 pm”, and Tuesday at noon all that was gone and the last scan update was the 9th in the state of origin.

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Without seeing the scans it’s hard to say if they were system generated or not, if you have informed delivery, it will show you that day the package is expected, even if it hasn’t made it to your local post office yet.

You could call your local post office, and ask them what’s up, but I’d advise to wait it out and not inquire. Just to see if it shows up.

I have informed delivery… Monday package supposed to arrive, Tuesday no package in my dashboard

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Ok my guess is your informed delivery said you’d have a PKG because that was the expected date, that will disappear if it gets information that it’s going to be late.

The East and West coasts are still super backed up.

If you physically go onto the website and put in your tracking number, if there isn’t an “arrival at unit” scan, your PKG isn’t there yet.

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Lol I know it pisses me off. Especially if I already waited a long time for it to arrive.

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It took 6 weeks to get stuff from Ashop. It was in tracking limbo for 2+ weeks. USPS didn’t give an update until a week before it arrived. I got it. Just took some time.

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