Sponsor of the Month Contest July Sponsored by Flashlabs


So we changed things around we kept the contest for New Topics please enter by posting that you are participating but we have changed the outlook were going to let the sponsors shine on there own I will only keep track of the New Topics.

Flashlabs will be taking over the thread they own it for the month lets see how much free stuff someone can give away :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: that’s right were now going to allow only the sponsor of the month to giveaway free stuff at will during the contest. Only active members can win so write an introduction and just get involved with Sponsor of the Month Flashlabs.

Don’t forget more to win with New Topics

@johnjuanb1 its all yours brother I look forward to hearing and seeing about

@UGMain come join the fun :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thanks and thanks @johnjuanb1 you guys are great



Im looking forward to this one

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  • Do you want to keep sponsor of the month
  • Do you want to change back to member of the month
  • Do you just love ugmuscle and don’t care lol

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I ran my first cycle for 10 weeks with Flash’s cyp at 175mg every 3 days and added about 150lbs to my SBD total. I also think I gained about 8-10 lbs of muscle during that time…I definitely put in the work.

Alas, my appetite was uncontrollable the last few weeks and and I gorged on pizza and cookies a little bit too much and added some lbs to the belly. However, i got those off and got back down to 228 from 242.

I signed up for my first powerlifting competition and this week marks me getting back at it after two weeks of deloading. I’ll definitely be using Flash again for my next enquiry. They came correct on all accounts in my book. I’m glad to see them back on here!


I’m in


Gotcha @Thunder 14

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Please forgive my ignorance brother Murph but what is 14?

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I would love to see more reviews for flashlabs just remember the rules while writing @Burrito did perfect with his enquiry.

Thanks for writing a review brother I always like to know how sponsors are doing


I’m in. Love Flash Gear.


Gotcha brother @Cathead 31

14 is your beginning number from this point forward your new topics not posts count towards winning it tells me at the end of the month if you have 21 new topics then you did 7 new topics for the contest

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No ignorance brother it was just a question no worries im always here to help

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Just wanted to drop some highlights


Put me in. I’m about to get bloods here soon and hopefully my hiatus will be finally over.

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Gotcha @woodwalker1889 18

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