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Hey everyone. Check out @Ukgear and his site at ukgear.ws. Ukgear has been with us for awhile now and is a reliable and stand up guy. Hes an active sponsor on other boards as well with good and positive reviews. You may also check out his thread under our verified sources section as well.

***** Please follow the laws in your country when ordering any products from sponsors. UGMuscle takes no responsibility on any member or non-member violations of local laws.*****

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Welcome @Ukgear proud to have such a stand up company as yours with us.

This a domestic source?


Usually yes, but at the moment I dont have any local stock.

We have added few new products

  • Anavar 25mg inj.
  • 1-Test Cyp (Dihydroboldenone).
  • TNE 100mg.
  • Npp 100mg/mast P 100mg (Blend).
  • Primo ACE 100mg.
  • Stanabol (WINSTROL) 50mg.
  • Test and Tren spray.
    And more… visit us.

What’s the sprays like? How much absorbed vs the injectable?

I’ll look for some reviews we have on other sites

I myself am interested in the sprays im curious they are base right they don’t have an ester attached?

I must have missed the 1testcyp its going to be part of my next cycle. Whats the mg/ml and do you get it to hold or is it uncrash before inj?

i got alot of questions on this spray. i hate tren cough. and i get it bad.

Exactly,they are base.

Its 100mg. We have some reviews on the product, it has not crashed. And there’s no reason for it to happen as long as it’s not too cold.

I’ll have to ask those who tried.

Multiple people on pm said no tren cough @SIEGMUND @Ukgear

How is packaging and shipping to US in regards to discrete labeling?

Never heard of any seizures bro. He has a good system.

I’m more worried about my family and friends seeing packaging and asking questions lol I keep my use on the down low.


Well hopefully they’re not going to open it. The outside you’d never know.

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