SpoonEG4 introduction

SpoonEG4 introduction

Hey guys. New guy here but not new to self enhancement.
Been using gear for easily 20 years in and off depending on where life took me. Been on TRT about 12 years I think. I started with androgel and maybe a year into it had a TIA. AKA mini stroke. Had to relearn to walk all over again. Just loss of that motor function and balance. Now my recovery was nothing short of amazing. 6 weeks and I was back to work and maybe 99 percent.
Yeah the cross contamination was because it went in your skin and it was to be applied all over. You did feel the effects after a few weeks or so. After that whole incident I switched to TRT IM injections which I’m still on but i stack tren a on top of it but small amounts 2 ml eod works best with minimal sides. I’m off it now because I get bloodwork every 4 months so the cycles work out 2 months in two months off but TRT nonstop.
I’m also recovering from a complete pectoralis tear. One year ago. May 29. It almost killed me due to compartment syndrome. Which is a pooling if blood internally. I almost died in the OR table for emergency surgery at 3 am. Now I’m back but strength isn’t there for adduction movements. I didn’t lose much mass except for where it tore. I doubt it will ever be the same. Hence why I want to try HGH. Now I hear amazing things about trestolone so I may try it if I can find a reliable domestic source for it. It’s supposed to be stronger than tren. I’m almost about to start a cut cycle with Winstrol and stanozolol. On top of the TRT and tren. Hope this works out. This lockdown got me a bit soft.


Damn brother welcome to ugmuscle but that’s a horrible injury I have torn my bicep and it wasn’t fun at all and took forever to heal and I will never be as strong as I was because of it but I still get at it but there’s only so much I can do now.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around


Welcome aboard

Hey new guy here. New to the forum but years of self enhancement and TRT.

Damn! You’ve been through a lot! I hope your pec strength keeps improving.
Welcome to UGM!




@SpoonEG4 - Welcome !! Name reminds me of my Honda EG 4 hatchback si I had years ago / swapped out the motor to a jspec GSR.

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I built a crazy 93 si hatch with much of the sooon catalog. Some mugen and jun parts.


Thanks. Yes been through a lot. I won’t even get into the bad divorce with the ex wife who is a heroin addict. At least I have full child custody.


Welcome! Damn thats a horrible injury…respect for not giving up!!!

Welcome aboard brotha and I wish you a speedy recovery, if you have any questions just hit me up :v:

I don’t wish this injury on anyone but it put my life in danger due to complications but it also put the brakes on everything. I lost June and July to pain meds and don’t recall what happened as I was in lala land but I’m trying to get back into shape and get strong again. Or at least look good again. 53 and 309 pound bench presses aren’t too shabby but now it’s the bare bar again. That was my 8th grade staring point.

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