Spring reduction w/ test and SARMs

That time of the year … going to start a spring reduction… sitting at about 231, 15-16% bf… goal is 212-215 by mid April. Running test prop at 300 mgs per week 25mg GW501516 Cardarine
,50mg MK2866 Ostarine, 25mg SR9009 Stenabolic daily. Diet will be simple… 2500 calories … 4 meals … under 75 grams of carbs daily … 45-60 min fasted cardio daily. I’m 47 … see what SARMs are really all about… I have experienced guys and gals at my gym who rave over this stack! Start pic…


Brother, I’m not arguing with you but you look leaner than 15%. I’m no expert.

You look great btw.


Are you keeping a log?

I may be a little under those percentages … Lower abs come in around 9-10 % for me… lower abs are absent now! Loose “accountability log” To be honest I don’t do anything unique. LOL… diet is pretty simple … carbs come from fruits … proteins are grass fed ground cattle, chicken, and salmons. Lots of veggies! My workouts consist of drop sets for the last 2 sets on everything… but primarily same shit probably everyone else does … I go to 12-15 on everything…sadly age / joints don’t allow the big lifts anymore!

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Is the s9009 inject? I’ve read it’s very little in bio availability oral. I’m considering 9011 if I come across source of of decent inject

Caps brother …

Well i guess we’ll find out how bio available shit is orally then oook forward to progress pics


Those 3 together seem to have a good synergy according to people at my gym … we will see … Looking to get the enhanced cardio from the two… muscles maintenance from the mk2866 as I reduce and naturally loose some size.

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I wouldnt use oral sr9009 its a waste. The guy who designed it says it wont work orally. You need to source injectable sr9009. Cardarine is a bit high in dosing in my opinion.

You’re not alone with the joint stuff.

I’ve started a log but like you, I don’t do anything spectacular anymore. Hahaha just old men lifting weights!!!

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Hey and it’s a beautiful thing I wish I could get me dad to commit to being in better shape. When I quit the white stuff I told him If I can do this you can stop eating junk and lose weight. He complains about his back hurting and I remind him every pound he loses will take off exponential pressure still can’t get him
To do it.


I hear you brother … turmeric has help tremendously… been on it for about a year! I have toyed with low dosages of nandrolone several years back, ie 150 mgs per week for joint help … didn’t seem to get much out of it. Stretching and turmeric seem to be most helpful.

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Is your dad a big guy? Just losing 15-20 lbs will make a big difference.

Same here turmeric for me too. That and elbow/knee sleeves.

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the title “spring reduction” sounds like a sale at a store…hahaha everything must go.

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Looking good buddy I’m watching

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Looking forward to see/hear how this treats you. Keep us posted.

Stick with it brother he will eventually come around

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I don’t know he had a bag of potato chips hiding under blanket last night when I got home. I told him that’s exactly what I would have done with drugs dad. Either just eat it and not hide it or don’t eat it. But the whole hiding shit just makes it seem worse


Already looking shredded can’t wait to see the finished product!

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