Sprinter Christian Coleman Did NOT Violate Anti-Doping Rules

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This story was some bullshit caused by an anti doping organization that really owes this guy an apology. These random tests are stupid because if they really wanted to do things right have the athletes donate a sample once a month mandatory like while on probation. I believe that after Icarus came out and all the cyclists that just made fools of them. These anti doping organizations feel like they have to prove something and random testing that they do doesn’t work. They get lucky every now and then and this is after the guy from Icarus told them how to beat all there testing. Im not sure if everyone knows about the documentary Icarus but if you haven’t seen it you definitely should it shows how easy it was to defeat testing at probably the most strict competition on the planet the Olympics.
Im really glad that they didn’t give this guy any problems but I wouldn’t doubt that he possibly had dirty urine. I still believe that 80% of athletes use something from dietary supplements that are banned to AAS. So why aren’t they getting caught? Will have to wait until the next Icarus to find out lol
Sorry about the rant lol

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