SRX anavar results for woman

I’m looking to put my wife on a anavar cycle. I’m looking into SRX does anyone know of any woman who ran it before?


Yes, ran it with my wife a few times over the last 2 years. Also used primo with it. She has awesome results with 10mg Ed w/200 primo split over 6 days. Built great muscle, nothing crazy and shredded. Also she has impeccable diet and trains hard 5-6 days per week .


How long did she run? I plan on putting her on for 8 weeks. She’s ran 2 cycles before different sources one was ok and not so much on the other.

We did var for 8 weeks primo for 16 weeks

Ok cool. Thanks for info.

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Hopefully that helped

Hey man. Just gonna respond off personal experience and not so much knowledge based as I am new to this forum and steroids in general lol.

My mom did an anavar cycle and I believe she was taking 5 mg a day broke up into twice a day. She did this for a month and then stopped taking it because her feet started to swell and her period lasted for over a month. She wasn’t dieting though and wasn’t really working out or training.

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