Srx blood work 500mg test cyp 300mg deca

Recently was referred to SRx from a discord friend since he’s been on their gear for a while now so I decided to run my very first cycle of test cyp 500 a week and deca 300 a week along with 4 weeks of Anavar. All my gear came from srx and so far I’m 12 weeks into my cycle and I’m so happy with the results I’ve made !
Started at 155 lbs and now I’m weighing 185. Blood work at bottom as you can see my total test is 2756 and my free test is 978. When I first got my test levels checked back in 2017 my total test was 308… I just want to vouch for these guys because they are the best when it comes to customer care and the shipping is incredibly fast! Definitely going to be a long term customer. I 100% vouch for these guys.


Nice work! in the pics you can definitely tell you put on some good size


Nicely done man, looking great !


Great work.
Awesome to hear.


Is it ok to ask what payment method they accept???

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Definitely put on a lot of mass since you started good job bro…

Hey brotha hit me up via email
[email protected]

Bitcoin is good to buy right now will only go up I. Long run



Great post brother looking good keep hitting it hard.
Glad to hear that @SRx is treating everyone good.


Nice gains my friend

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