SRx Labs NPP/Test P 8 week cycle log

SRx Labs NPP/Test P 8 week cycle log

Note: I am not being compensated in any way by any sponsor for my log

I thought I’d go ahead and post my log using @SRx NPP 100 and Test P 100. I’ve been on TRT for 2 years and I’ve run 2 EQ cycles last year.

Quick stats: almost 53 yrs old, 6’, started cycle June 8 @ 233.4 lbs, 20%+ BF.

My 8 week cycle is running June 8 to Aug 3. I pin Test E 250 from @srhealth-diana E7D as you’ll see in my schedule:

June 8: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (test E is ongoing TRT)
June 10: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 12: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 14: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 16: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg
future dates will follow in replies

NPP/Test P PIP is minimal but NPP/Test E PIP is definitely noticeable.

Here’s what my weight has been doing. I weigh every morning after I empty my bladder

I won’t say that my diet is on point but I’ve been watching what I shove in my mouth since I started. Mostly tuna, chicken, occasional PB&J, no beer/alcohol, just more or less sensible eating.

I’ll keep posting my schedule and weight log as the weeks go by. I’m always open to CC and continually learning.


Great! very interested in following this log

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Im interested in seeing what you think about the npp added to your trt. I will be watching your log.
Good luck and good gains brother

I just noticed the prop and your dosing schedule.
You are going to like this cycle test and npp is a great run.

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An example of my workout routine, nothing fancy:

Day 1: Chest/tri’s - since my triceps are already getting hit with chest movements, I put them together. I’ve experimented with chest/back one day, arms the day after, and found that the arms weren’t getting enough rest.

Day 2: Back/Bi’s - same as day 1, biceps are already being worked so might as well hit them in the workout.

Day 3: Delts/Traps

Day 4: Legs


My exercises always vary but I always go a bit slower than usual and pause at top and bottom of range. One of my buddies was a huge fan of TUT and his results were always amazing. Also, being in my 50’s now (and damn shoulder injury), I’m not about to start throwing big weight around and risk any injury. It’s not worth it.


Low and slow brother. Even if I put on heavy weight, unless the program calls for explosive lifts, I rest pause everything I can and I include a lot of isolation. That may be what restricts me from being able to push really heavy and progress to higher weight quickly but my physique speaks for the technique.


Rest Pause sets are as brutal as the will of the person doing them. I’m a believer that heavy weight isn’t needed until you’ve progressed and have controlled all the weights leading up to what’s considered heavy. Heavy is a relative term and I feel like people are just refferring to uncontrollable weight based on the strength they have.

Side note NPP shortens my fuse a little bit. I prefer its slower more patient father :grin: I really like milking adaptations in the smallest increment possible. Slower esters equal smaller increases in blood plasma release. This is why everyone says short esters kick harder that and ester weight/molar mass differences. This is a marathon and not a sprint to me but just my 2 cents. I feel less joint relief from npp as well. Best of luck with progress @Lawnsvcguy


Note: I am not being compensated in any way by any sponsor for my log

Here’s my logs for June 18 - today. I’m using NPP 100/Test P 100 purchased through @SRx and Test E purchased through @srhealth-diana

A few things to point out:

  1. There are definitely gains
  2. I’ve been eating a lot cleaner when I started my cycle
  3. I started at 20%+ BF and I think my change in diet has decreased BF

June 18: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 20: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 22: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (Test E as part on ongoing TRT)
June 24: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg

Here’s a graph of my weight for the entire cycle to today. I want to reiterate that my fat loss and muscle gains skew the numbers. (No, I haven’t measured with tape or caliper)


How’s your cycle goin bro?

Hey @Raphael3636 thanks for the reminder! Here’s what’s been happening the past week:

I’ve been eating a whole lot cleaner. I haven’t measured my midsection but my gf says I’ve definitely lost some belly fat (where I store all my damn fat). Overall, I’m happy with the cycle.

June 26: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 28: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
June 30: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (Test E as part on ongoing TRT)

Here’s my weight graph June 8 - July 1:


Nice man, any prolactin issues from the NPP?

None that I can physically notice. Bloodwork may say otherwise but I feel/perform 100%


Nice man I’m glad it’s working out for you. I’m thinking of hoping on a NPP cycle for a bit, I’ve been on Tren nearly year long, anywhere from 50mgs a week to 600mg a week so I need a little break from it and the way I see it NPP is prolly the next best thing.


How have you been liking the tren? That’s my next cycle, mid/late August. I’m all ears how it’s been treating you.

I mean Tren is my go to compound, I normally have it in my blood at all times. Sometimes I run it with high test sometimes with no test. I dont by any means recommend doing anythting of that sort . Everyone responds differently. Luckily I can run it for long periods of time with zero effects on my lipids, bp, and overall well being. But in all honesty I would get a few cycles under your belt before giving Tren a go.


Damn! That’s some serious juice you got going. I’ve done 2 cycles of EQ before. This NPP is my 3rd run.

As far as my tren run, it’ll be moderate. Probably 50mg EOD and after a week bump up to 100mg (tren a).


It’s been a minute since I updated this post. Still going at it, NPP, Test P, Test E. My cycle is running June 8 to August 3 (8 weeks). All my gear came from UGM verified sponsors.

I’ve been told that I’m looking a lot leaner now (although I’m still 20%+ BF). But you can see my daily weight has been decreasing. I attribute it to more focused cardio and cleaner eating.

July 2: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 4: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 6: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (Test E as part on ongoing TRT)
July 8: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 10: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 12: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg


Here’s the last update on my NPP, Test P, Test E cycle (June 8 - Aug 3). I’m still eating cleaner, still have too much BF but I can tell I’m losing (pants/shorts loose in waist).

3 things happened the past couple of days:

  1. I was at the animal shelter with my gf, walking down the hall, a gentleman opens a door and nearly hits me, he apologizes and says something like he doesn’t want to make me mad considering those guns I’m carrying :joy: We both laughed, I thanked him and we talked about animals for a minute.
  2. I was at the grocery store (go there all the time) and the produce guy says he’s been meaning to ask me about my workout routine, what I eat, etc.
  3. A random guy at church (he’s a high school teacher/coach) was asking me where I work out, how long I’ve been working out, etc.

:warning: I’m not saying those things to brag or make anyone here believe I’m huge (I’m not) but people have taken notice of my physique.

Here’s my injection schedule:

July 14: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (Test E as part on ongoing TRT)
July 16: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 18: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg
July 20: NPP 100mg / Test E 250mg (Test E as part on ongoing TRT)
July 22: NPP 100mg / Test P 50mg


Awesome! Keep it up. Its great that people are noticing your physique


Thanks for the update brotha. That’s awesome people are noticing your physique, huge confidence booster and just makes you wanna go harder.


Hey brother good for you I love those moments where someone makes a comment or I even just see someone staring.
Your making some gains if others are noticing.
Keep killing it
Good luck and good gains brother

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