SRx Labs Review. Awesome source

Going to just start off and say that the customer service from @SRx Labs is top notch! I was having some issues ordering from the website. I said F it and left to go train. When I got back home and started the order process over, I missed out on the awesome promotion. @SRx hit me up and allowed me to get in on the promo. We probably sent about 50 messages back and forth dealing with my incompetence and inability to read their website. Had issues with bitcoin and he helped me out resolving that problem too. Once it was all worked out, payment was sent and I received my order 4 days later.

Items ordered:
Testosterone Propionate 100
Sustanon 250
Trenbolone Acetate 100
Anabol DBol 25
Sueprdrol 10mg
Proviron 25mg
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100
Tadalafil (Generic Cialis)

Communication: Solid 10!

Delivery: 10 ( I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so soon.)

Presentation: 10 (labels are amazing, and SRx definitely spent money here. Looks good!)

Visual quality: No visual defects in product, no floaters, seal is tight, rubber stopper doesn’t move, no crimp marks, or visible areas for contamination!

Payment processing: 9 ( Had some issues with obtaining a Bitcoin address. This was at no fault to SRx. Was an issue with the processing company. SRx was there the whole time and had a solution to fix the problem promptly.)

Order processing: 10 ( They have/had a glitch with the website and I couldn’t get to the payment section. My fault for not reading the web site as they addressed the issue.)

Delivery: 10 ( Very quick but I did have to fork our $0.60 for postage. Small price to pay for allowing me to get in on the promo after it was expired)

Product packaging: 10 (Nothing was broken and everything was sealed up tight!)

Product effectiveness: (Tren A, fist pin and I guess I was off my usual mark… Tren cough is a mofo. Have a blood draw scheduled for April. Cialis… girlfriend doesn’t know if she wants to write a thank you letter or send some hate mail, it works!)

Over all had a good experience! Will use them again for sure!


I am a first timer with SRX and am very impressed on the quickness of response to emails to overall experience! I have been around a long time and had some good sources but no one ever responded as quickly to rectify a small issue that was probably not their fault! From order to door 6 days! Give them a try!

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Hi Sparks,

Welcome to UGM! Glad to see we have another happy customer :slight_smile:

And here we have another great example of what is either a Schil or someone that just doesn’t seem to care to be an active part of the community. @sparks I’m sure we would all appreciate you making a proper introduction and letting us get to know you a bit before making an arbitrary recommendation for a sponsor.


At ugmuscle we like our new members to write an introduction before going straight to advertising for a sponsor. I honestly don’t mind if someone says that a sponsor is good but I would like to see you write a introduction so that we can get to know you a little better.
Bigmurph hit me up anytime brother




Hello everyone! I am new here and am not very active on any social media as I am 58 years old and have a very busy business but do thank all the info everyone brings. I have been training for over 40 years and have competed all the way back to the late 70s when there were no resources like this and generally had to learn the hard way. Actually the things discussed today so openly were taboo in my early days so sorry if anyone was offended by my recommending without introducing myself! Sincerely


No offense taken. It’s hard to tell sometimes if someone is a shill for a company or if they are just new to the forums. It’s proper etiquette to make an introduction prior to making a review or recommendation to a source. Thanks for your intro btw. If you’d like to make a more proper introduction, feel free to go to the introduction category and let everyone get to know you.

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Welcome thanks for sharing your introduction.
Hopefully you could be around more you have to be a plethora of knowledge. I would like to just hear stories about back in the days bodybuilding.
@rnmuscle is always telling some great ones

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