Stable blood levels for orals

So keeping in mind that I’m still somewhat new to all this, I have a question. Since it’s important to keep stable blood levels of injectables, I would assume that would be the goal for most orals too. So let’s say Anavar. If I want to take 75mg ED, should I break it up into three even doses spaced 8 hrs apart, given that it’s half life is 8 hrs?

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I only broke up Dbol and ABOMBS back in the day, half when I woke up. Other Half an hour before gym. Anavar I just took a couple hours before gym. I can honestly tell you the Dbol ABOMBS was from the guy who introduced me to the world. But I’m sure someone will give you better input on here. My experience is purely bro science. :joy:

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Hahaha stable blood levels with orals. That’s funny.

No seriously, not making fun of the question but that’s a funny theory to me. In a nutshell, it’s impossible. Because orals are digested there are different factors in their bioavailability you just can’t avoid. Like eating, drinking and sleeping to name a few. Even if the orals half life, like Var for example is 6 to 9 hours. Unless you are taking it on an empty stomach and allowing it 2 to 3 hours to digest prior to eating or drinking and you intend to wake up through the night to dose the same then the half life is basically ever fluctuating. You’ll never have “stable blood levels” with orals. Your best bet, as you mentioned, is just to try to get close to overlapping the potential half life. Like splitting your dose to every 6 hours. So 75mg would be split to 12.5mg every 6 hours of the day.

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I gotcha man… I appreciate the info. :+1:

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