Stallion introduction ugmuscle

No problem Rusty. I’m Richard, been around here for a couple of years now. My goals are to get stronger and fitter every day. 5’10" 187 lbs. 57 yrs in age. Been a personal trainer most of my life, with jobs in between. I workout 7 days a week, train a different body part every day. Chest and legs twice a week. Sure cant lift as heavy as I used to, but do the best I can.


Glad to have you around brother and posting.
I know you have been here over a year but let me say welcome to ugmuscle brother


Welcome sir. Another old man! We’re everywhere!


Nice intro brother and welcome. Looking forward to your experience. I am still fairly new to AAS and just learned this year about macros and proper diet and rest. Been making good gains and minimize harm (when I listen) because of the knowledge that comes from this community. Please stay involved glad your hear brother!!!

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Welcome sir! Glad to have you. You’ve found a great place. Lots to be learned and shared here!

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Welcome … sounds good Keep up the great work

Welcome. More knowledge for the ugfamily.

Welcome aboard brotha pleasure to have you here

Welcome aboard. I too am 57. Will be 58 very soon. It’s about the journey at older age. And to be still kicking it is a blessing. There’s a lot to see and read here. :+1:t3::wink::+1:t3:


Welcome aboard



welcome to one the best forums(the best) brother

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Welcome to the board

Welcome to UGM!


Welcome. I’ve scoured a lot of boards over the years, and this is by far the best, with the focus on harm reduction, safety in all respects, and enhancement the right way. And @DirtNasty is pretty funny too.


Hilarious! @herrubermensch

Welcome Richard.

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