Starting a 6 week comp cycle with a 2 week build up

I didn’t see a bunch of anything going on so I figured maybe I ll kick it off… i ll have numbers posted later next week during the conditioning phase … I m probably gonna start natty and see how it goes … my one rep max for bench is somewhere around 225 at this point, dead lift is at 310 and not sure about squats since I had a coupla surgeries last year I m pretty much starting from scratch. I ll update through the weeks and whether or not I add any anavar or deca into the mix.


It sucks to hear about the surgeries you know i know about that with my ruptured bicep. I hope that you are healing up good.
Im guessing it was your knee i could be completely wrong but I’ve tore my knee apart also when I used to play football. The knee injury took me years to come back from. It took a yr and a half of just recovery in the long boot then the short boot then the knee brace then all the rehab. It was probably the worst injury i have ever had to deal with.
I can’t wait to hear about your comp cycle and how it goes.
Good luck and good gains sister

Thanks Murph I kinda wrecked my whole left leg … but I m back and lifting regularly with a new coach and basically starting from scratch … squatting with a bar and sometimes just a plate to get the feel of it again … since everything was reconstructed I have to relearn and retrain my leg entirely and it really isn’t the same as it was … I am still debating on whether or not to throw the deca in there … I am waiting to see how the conditioning goes … and decide from there.

I use a hex bar to squat because of my injuries i can’t use a bench bar.
I wish you the best recovery i hate fucking injuries

yeah but I want to compete again …

You will mind over matter as long as you know you can do it the body will do it. Of course it won’t be easy but nothing in life is. You got this just keep pushing forward and you will always get to where you want to be its those that don’t keep pushing that fail because you can’t get anywhere without pushing forward.
I think that you know my story I was 260 ruptured bicep when I started working again once I pct off this cycle I should sit at 208± and bf will be around 14-16%. I won’t be stepping on stage but im going to be looking damn good. It took me a yr and a half of hard work. If you put in a yr and a half and check back in with me i would place a large sum on it that you will be heading back to greatness because you’re a winner. Its what you do if you were a loser you wouldn’t have gotten a coach and started down this long hard road to begin with. I would definitely use Nandrolone and var both have amazing collagen synthesis. I would use npp over decca though that way you have more control over dosing. I would also look into compounds like hgh,igf-lr3,and ipamorelin.
All 3 are great healing compounds you just have to make sure that you get real products. I know where to get the hgh and ipamorelin.
I wish you the best grrl i want to see pics of you on stage with a trophy again in the future.
Bring it home grrl

Would it be possible for you to post the “starting from scratch” stats as you rehab vs. the actual started from scratch long ago stats (if you can recall those)?

Yes I can … I ll try to get to it either later today or tomorrow

I know I abandoned the thread life got crazy and my time was sucked up…
scratch as best as I can recall… (after sugery sitting around for two years)

squat … pretty much non existent had to find new stance due to surgery and other issues still pathetically low at the end of 12 weeks with a 230 max
bench … figured it would be around 200 and maxed it out at end of cycle with 223 (still had room to go up it was kind of easy)
deadlift … figured max was around 315 … end of cycle it was 330 and still had room to go up more … figure it could have been 390 -400 with some work

weight beginning of cycle 249 … end of cycle 233 …

I ve started another 20 week cycle (4 weeks ago) have a minor hip injury I am working through so the last two weeks I ve just been benching ;-(

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