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Hey guy’s when I’m posting on someone else’s thread and want to start my own as to not highjack, what’s the best way to go about doing that to inform the community? Do I just state on the op’s thread I’m starting my own?

Do like you did here. Start a new thread. :wink:


New thread started. Let’s get busy

You’ll have to forgive me as I’m about to bounce for a while. Half a cialis and half viagra. I’m about to go to my new girls house and raise the bar a little higher. She’s half my age :wink:


I was doing that for a while hahah

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Ever since my fiancé/ girlfriend/ mother of my boys left I’ve been on a spree. A mad spree. Just when I thought God couldn’t be working any more in my life, she left me. I knew then he loved me.

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Looking forward to reading what destro has to say. My man has some things to work on and get off his chest. Hopefully some of us can help.

Seriously though, have you considered coming off cycle and stay at a low dose of test until you sort some things out? I’d recommend it. I came off tren for a while cuz of the distraction the sides cause. Think about it bro. No distractions especially working on a 4th step. Need your head in the game for that.

Yeah dirt I never dialed my ai in and really need to. Just always went by what I’ve always heard parroted from the brofessors. When I go in to get my bloods done in March what should I specifically ask my doc to test for when it comes to estrogen and progesterone?

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Hahahaha thanks tbu I have a tendency to severely overthink and complicate things.

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There’s good information on bloods here on the forum. Look at blood work on the drop down menu. It’ll tell you everything you need to know. Good luck with everything bro. As my grandma said,”this too shall pass”.

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I rarely take an ai. Usually 5mg Aromasin if I do. I have 10mg tabs. Split em up. I’ve had one nipple flare up in all the years. Couple days of aromasin it was gone.

Yeah I never have any issues with estrogen to speak of at least that are noticeable and the only time I ever developed a lump was when I was taking prohormones back in the day before I even knew what they were. All I know is it said it would get me jacked. It was a blend of 3 different ones I can’t remember what ones possibly phera-plex, superdrol and something else. looking back I was so waterlogged from it and riddled with acne. It put some serious mass on me just terrible quality mass.

This is what I have drawn every time


Thank you very much Kad much appreciated. I’ve even get echocardiograms from time to time to make sure the aas aren’t messing the Ole ticker up

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