Starting the weekend off right

Saturday night, nice weather. Looks like chipotle smoked wings with home made cherry chipotle BBQ sauce

Tomorrow I’ve got 2 racks of St Louis ribs and 2 chickens. The ribs will get pecan rub and honey pecan bbq sauce, and the chickens will get a sweet rub with the cherry chipotle sauce. I’ll post up pics when they’re done


I’m excited

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The Cherry Chipotle bbq is a nice touch of different

Damn when what we are doing is legal one day we need to have a cook out.

I love your food porn

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You should do a recipe post, strictly recipes

No, that’s my wife and daughters lotion, when you live in a house full of women, that shit is everywhere

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Looks great man. I’ve been hankering for some wings for awhile now

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