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Uh, So i’m confused. Are we pushing steroids here ? lol - I see posts around the right side promoting to buy steroids online, but I mean, i’m natural ?

Some guys are natural. Many aren’t. I’m personally not. Hence my username. I eat tren like candy and have been on cycles for the past 20 years.

Either way we support the members regardless if they want to be natural or enhanced. There’s a section in your profile for showing if your natural or not.

When it is improved, does not it take away your credibility when it comes to training? Or is everything easier?

Nothing is easier. It increases your rate of recovery so you can grow at a faster rate. It’s not a magic pill by any means. 90% of the people you see bodybuilding are on them. Guys in military, firefighters, police. Even tho is some countries they are illegal everyone does it. Take a look at former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman. He was a police officer in Arlington Texas. Alot of people can all the roids in the world and if they don’t diet and train properly, you’d never know they were on them. Back in the 90s I bought steroids from the top “natural” bodybuilder in my town. He would tell everyone he was natural but he took at minimum 5 drug cycles all the time.

You should watch a few movies. Pumping Iron, Generation Iron, bigger faster stronger. They’re everywhere. Just some people refuse to admit it and others openly do. In the past couple years they’ve become more and more acceptable to talk about in the industry then before.

Guys its not at all about steroids its about your diet and training. Steroids are a tool for some to use but in no way should they just be a goto. I have alot of respect for everyone that is natty.
Even if you do use steroids its still all about diet and training. Without those 2 things being on point your just wasting your time natty or juiced.

I can help you if you’re natty or if you’re going to take the leap into using gear. I do recommend not using gear unless you are close to 30 yrs old and have no preexisting conditions that make it dangerous for you. I will also say stay natty as long as you can your HPTA will work much better and your body will thank you when you are older.

I absolutely agree. It doesn’t get easier. You’re just able to push yourself harder when training without having to worry as much about compromising recovery or overtraining. Still gotta use good form, good training programming, watch the macros, eat a house or two, sleep like a baby, etc.

Furthermore aas like var initially gives a huge strength boost meaning you end up lifting quite a bit more than you did last time even though your musculature hasn’t really improved in a corresponding fashion-you’re just temporarily stronger. That’s a double edged sword, your training ends up inflicting more than normal stress on your muscles and your system has to work extra hard to make you recover.

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