Steroid cycle advice and help

Steroid cycle advice and help

im going to start a 12 week cycle with 250mg of test e and aromasin as an ai and nolvdex for my pct, im 18 170lbs 6’3

Im just lost on when to take the aI during the cycle, should I do it every other day or just when I feel the weird side effects itchy nipples bloating mood etc

I’m going to say you aren’t ready. When I was 18, I was 185lb and I’m also 6’3 and pretty skinny since i’m 6’3 like you. At 170lbs, you still have a ways you can go natty. I took AAS too early, and I do regret it now. But I also remember how I was at 18, so you probably won’t listen and do it anyways. So this is what I’ll say.

250mg is not enough. Thats TRT doses and you might as well go natty.

Start doing 500mg ew of test. Do not take an AI unless you need it imo, but you probably don’t know enough to feel when you need it and probably to hard headed to go get blood tested like I was. Estrogen is important, you need a healthy level and it does help you grow as well. Low estrogen has negative side effects like killing your libido. You might only need a small dose every 3 days at 500mg or not at all. But everyone is different. Some guys need AI on 200mg ew.

I might add an oral like Dbol or Tbol for 4-6 weeks at 40mg ed. But you don’t need so much to grow at 170lbs at 6’3. Just eat.

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You need to have your whole plan training diet and enhancement ready to go before you start or your just walking in blindly take a step back and don’t start your cycle until you have the answer to all the questions you have.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

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Nice intro.

There is a reason you’re 170lbs at 6’3 bro. And I get it, my metabolism was ridiculous at 18 and I had so much trouble putting on weight. I ate 5-6 times a day and get up in the middle of the night from being hungry to eat.

You might grow on AAS, but PCT will suck if you don’t know what you’re doing. I went right back to 185 after getting to 195 my first cycle after PCT. That’s because my training and diet wasn’t where it needed to be.

I’m going to say your natural production of test would equal or possibly rival 250mg of test E. It’s really a waste for you. I’d recommend you get a trainer. If you can afford it. Help with diet. Lift regiment and if you make that part work, maybe get a beginner stack. @PHD is a trainer and has vast expertise in the things I mentioned. Need to be at a point you are not gaining before taking a ride. Because AAS is a motherfucker on you going in blind and never been on a ride. And that first ride is explosive IF you have the essentials taken care of. That’s DIET. PROGRAM. AND TIME UNDER YOUR BELT BEFORE YOUR FIRST CYCLE. Take it from me. I can give you all the what not to dos with AAS. :grin:


You’re 18. Unless you started training at 11-12 seriously, I would hold off for quite a few years.


At your age your natural test is is probably equivalent to 300mg/week exogenous. You cant have enough experience to start with AAS. At 18 you could eat 8000 calories/day of junk food and as long as you got a couple hundred grams of protein and trained hard you could gain a couple pounds a week. At 17 I figured out how much I had to eat to gain weight and put on 40 pounds in less than 6 months with 0 supplements.


At your age just work harder but I know your going to do what the hell you want so. My advice is get bloods. Only true way to know what you need. Also, make sure your ai is name brand not ug better safe than sorry. Gyno and fucking up your hormones at 18 isnt worth the risk of being cheap and half ass. Get bloods before, during , And after then you will begin to know what you need to do. Best of luck brother hope this helps.

i agree 18 is very early to start. your natural test and gh levels are still rising. I wouldnt want to interrupt my natural growth. I Always advise my clients wait until your 25, and train your ass off until then. your body will thank you when your older

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man I got all the gear on the way looks like im gonna be starring at it till im in my mid 20’s

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