Steroid Dealer Philip Archibald Encouraged Vigilante Activity and Guerilla Warfare


Keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile. Once you go public you will be destroyed. There’s people out there with nothing better to do than gaslight and DOX people they don’t like…


Everyone needs to read this because we had multiple members say the same exact things that this man said so moving forward were going to have to tighten up the rules a bit on opinions because the govt doesn’t care if you’re joking.

I want everyone to read this please it hopefully will show you how easy it is to get a bullseye on your back



Some people will never learn discretion!


So what really went on here?

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Yea, good read for most anyone

He made threats against protesters and protesting antifa they used that as a reason to investigate further.


Fucking Moron!


Yep DOXing is easy and why most of these turds hate the police. They are the first ones to run to the police. :joy:

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What’s Doxing?

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@Bigmurph haha my point exactly murphnasty!!!

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Searching the internet via your pictures, name or some type of indication that they can find and post actual name/address/business/who you are type information.

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Doing a deep dive is what I usually hear but doxing I like better so im sticking with it
Thanks brother


Shits wiggin me out, I’m a tech newbie, I already hate it

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You should have a VPN account on your phone as well. While there is one for UGM, you should have one on your phone for any personal searches or internet work. Keeps from pinging your location. You can find someone with in a couple hundred yards by IP address. Believe it or not. A personal VPN will make it tremendously harder to locate you. Talk to @TG he’s got a wealth of knowledge on this.


Copy that

There’s a few free ones. There’s free VPN has a unicorn on it. :joy:. You can pay more for other features. Pretty good one.

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Wow, but not surprised. This “cancel culture” wave is becoming insane and everyone definitely needs to be highly aware of saying or writing anything that can be considered political in this climate.

I’m not familiar with this boogaloo group, but was confused with the article when it stated he posed with them holding particular signs. If it were a right wing group they would not support the latter sign (acab), right? If he posed with the other side of protesters as some kind of anti-protest that would make more sense. However, it states that law enforcement were more concerned with him because of his (or other members of that group) presence with that sign (e.g., all cops are bad). Am I reading the article correctly?

From article:
“Archibald’s association with the extremist far-right, anti-government Boogaloo Bois culture probably concerned law enforcement officers the most. Archibald followed multiple Boogaloo accounts on Instagram. He also posed with Boogaloo members during protests who displayed signs such as “Boogaloo for Floyd” and “ACAB [All Cops are Bastards]””

I think I accidentally flagged this when trying to reply. Boogaloo bois are ni bareback boyz I know this

Gotta love it!!

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