Steroid forums compounds that many don't know about

So there are alot of compounds that are not the everyday compounds that you find on say a usa domestic supplier shipping product list.
I just wanted to highlight a few and give a small description about them because there are compounds that are a little advanced but once researched can be used properly and help alot reaching your goals.

First compound is Glucophage

This is a good video from Dave Palumbo

This is also a good explanation of why bbers use Glucophage

Bodybuilders use metformin because it gives them several benefits:

Full muscles: Muscles will grow fuller when metformin is used with high carbohydrate diets.

Lack of fat storage: Metformin helps prevent fat from being deposited, so you get full benefits from carbohydrate heavy meals, without worrying to end up storing fat. This is why diabetics say they ‘lean out’ on this drug.

Insulin receptors: Metformin helps keep muscle cells sensitized for insulin that the body produces.

Appetite suppression: This drug will limit hunger, so it’s perfect for those doing a ketogenic diet. Furthermore, on re-feed days it makes a perfect addition to your carbohydrate heavy cheat day.

Pumps: Bodybuilders claim to get tremendous pumps when using metformin.

“I can’t gain fat no matter what I eat,” is a common thing bodybuilders say. However, at the same time, many complain about the side effects, which are universal.

Side Effects

These are some of the common side effects of metformin use:

Appetite suppression
Many patients are unable to continue treatment due to these symptoms. One tip that may help alleviate stomach related side effects is to take metformin on a full stomach.

Dosing for Type II diabetics

Dosing with patients (immediate release version) will usually start at 500 milligrams (mgs) twice per day or 850mgs once per day. Thereafter, the dose may be adjusted upwards depending on glucose blood work results. The maximum dosage will go to 2500mgs per day with 3 split doses. For the extended release version, the treatment course begins with 500-1000mgs per day, and it is increased weekly until the maximum daily dosage of 2000mgs is achieved, if needed of course.

Dosing for Bodybuilders

The way metformin is taken will vary for bodybuilders. Full muscles can be achieved if 500-1000 milligrams (mgs) are taken within 1 hour after a large carbohydrate meal. The more carbohydrates there are in the meal, the higher the dosage should be taken, never exceeding 1500 mgs at a time. Nevertheless, metformin can be taken with as many high carb meals as you wish.

Please note, there are two important rules with this strategy, and close attention should be paid to the following:

The fast releasing version is recommended for this strategy.
At least 100 grams (g) of carbs must be taken for every 500 mgs of metformin. Otherwise hypoglycemic symptoms may occur.
Half Life

The half life is listed as 4-6 hours. However, there are slow releasing extended tabs available. Bodybuilders should stick to the faster acting version as mentioned above.

Trade Names

Glucophage XR

Second compound is
Glucobay which works very similar to Glucophage

These two compounds block carbs from being used by the body helping with weight loss and keeping people who want to cheat on keto diets the ability to eat a huge amount of carbs and dose high on either and still be in ketosis.

I have never used these compounds because I don’t have a problem not eating carbs but they can be helpful to those that are cutting hard and want to take even more carbs out of there diet.
I will post more posts like this about compounds that you just don’t hear alot about.


Great info here. Thanks BigM.

Currently dosing my metformin at 850mg AM/PM.


How’s it working out for you?

I take 850mg with AM/PM meals, been doin’ for almost a year now, and I love being able to down the extra carbs. Before I used to limit cheat meals to one day a week…now I can have a couple without gaining any extra weight. I plan not to come off for a long time. Really the side effects I experience are flatulence, an occasional ‘I gotta run to the bathroom’ episode, but other than that metformin has definitely treated me well.


Im really thinking about starting to run the Glucophage because I want to get shredded and run it with hgh.
Should I do it or with hgh is a no no I haven’t researched alot yet so im still really green about it I just know what it does

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More carbs outta there diet… who does that shit

I’m really liking the sounds of this, @01dragonslayer do you feel like your body is better utilizing the increase in carb intake ie more roundness and fullness in muscle appearance?

I’m currently GH with it right now. Small dose 2IU in the AM along with some MK before bed.

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If you are a carb guy, you will walk around pumped and shrink wrapped like on superdrol all day long,
you will be more vascular and you will have more fueled workouts.


This sounds like something im going to need to use


Interesting brother

Here are some good reads…

Hope this helped answer more questions.


Awesome thanks brotha, gonna give these a good read later!

They are super interesting and provide a lot of good info for research.

I’ve heard the overall health benefits are amazing as well. I should really do some reading on the stuff.

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