Steroid forums the hidden world nehind supplements

Steroid forums the hidden world nehind supplements

This article explains alot about what ive been posting about the supplement industry being unregulated.
I wanted to start a supplement company that would only use the top notch ingredients and I searched for months trying to find a bulk distributor that would provide me with there testing of the products and ingredients and then also show me 3rd party testing that would be completely unbiased.
I went through so many distributors and not one would agree with having a 3rd party test the compounds before I would buy in bulk.
They would all argue that they already had testing done and there was no reason to have 3rd party testing.
These were suppliers from China, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, and many more pharmaceutical countries where I could buy ingredients in bulk and then produce supplements in the USA under USP guidelines.
Check this article out and let me know what you think.
I have even started to believe that taking supplements like Tudca,Taurine, and NAC might even be hurting your liver and kidneys more then protecting them.
We all take these supplements to protect our liver and if you get blood work done your liver count is still going to be high so are they really working or are we getting duped for our money.
Lately there have been supplement companies opening that are supposed to be top notch but I haven’t seen any supplement company release 3rd party testing on heavy metal amounts and actual purity of the products they claim are in the cap or bucket even the tab.


It’s one reason so many get into it, highly unregulated and very easy to market half ass products just by endorsing a big name or a few ig models.

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Yeah a few well placed Instagram ads and endorsements and they make a killing and people talking about them.

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Bro that’s where you went wrong you can’t buy from those countries. My business partner and I (dynamic evolution) he gets all his ingredients from California that’s where are the top supplement companies buy from. Matt porter haney all the top of your line stuff. China and those other countries sell junk bro.

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This is why he’s able to patent his stuff and use the best ingredients it’s truly in who you know not buy cheap bulk from other countries

I agree and he probably has amazing supplements because of it but I wanted to keep costs low for the consumer and still supply a quality product

Yea on stuff like supplements you just can’t go cheap as you found out. Not for quality. I’m glad he’s been able to hook up with the best compound company is all of US. This is why I back his products and why I’m joining him as a business partner

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Ive read that water in high normal amounts is the only liver support you need . Lots of water , sea salt and apple cider vinegar has always worked for me . I had hepatitis C for 4 years before treatment . No liver support worked to lower my enzymes. I read an article that said water with lemon works the best and after 2 weeks i lowered my enzymes.


Im actually going to be using apple cider vinegar this time around just to keep me flushed out.

You lowered them with water and lemon?

I have the actual medication Tudca im thinking about using right after I finish the first oral mhn so that way I can finish with var its a 20wk cycle

So you don’t take tudca while on oral but afterwards?

I use Tudca,Taurine still through out my cycle but I might stop doing this and just use pharma grade products that protect the liver like UDCA

This is one I have 450 sustained release

@Major personally if you stick to minimum oral usage and stay hydrated , your enzymes wont be effected too bad. When youre off cycle and you give your body time to heal then the liver will come back fast. Imo

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