Steroids and Security Online and Offline

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I honestly wish there was never a reason to write these articles but its always something that needs to be pushed. Personally I feel everyone regardless what they do or say should always do everything securely.

To start I cant tell you how many times text messages and emails get people in trouble.

Even going beyond the dealers users are busted all the times by “friends” “exs” etc. You just dont see that in the news since they are smaller cases and not publicized as large busts are.

Be aware of things you post online. Pictures, addresses, gym locations. Its not hard to look at someone and say “hey that guy is using shit”. And if others can spot it so can cops or narcotic officers. Tagging yourself in gyms, photos on instagram, all add up. Look at the fuckwit on instagram musclehead320.

At no time should anyone just turn over everything. Even in regular communications, use apps like wire, wickr, to communicate. Dont look for applications that tie into your phone number.

Spend a few bucks and get a decent vpn like NordVPN and always run it on your phone and router. - Note the router and block all traffic if the vpn is not on.

Encrypt everything. Phones, harddrives. Its free so why not do it?

Websites you visit will always read your ip address. So never access a site thru your real one. this is even on the mobile. If you need on mobile download and use Tor to access things if you dont want to spend on a vpn.

Never use an unencrypted email. Part of how Alphabay, the worlds largest darknet market was taken down was thru using a personal hotmail account when they set up the forum for the site support. All it took was one quick fax from LE to hotmail and they had all his emails, personal and business related and his real info. Email services like protonmail and tutanota are free and easy to setup.

The UK, Germany and other countries are all about hacking devices and monitoring what people are doing. If your doing anything online privacy should always be number one.

Just a few thoughts this morning. Stay safe everyone.


Wow bro. Even though I know all this stuff it still amazes me how people openly talk about gear on Facebook and even post pictures. I’m like are you that dumb? Didn’t know that about tagging yourself thought never thought about that

I had a federal agent tell me one day that social media was the best thing that ever happened for him. He said in the late 80s early 90s they would be looking for a guy named frog. Then there were multiple frogs he said by the time they found the guy it was worthless the information they were trying to get.
He told me now 95% of the time they just Google and go on Facebook insta and all the rest and usually already have enough evidence to put them away and they haven’t even found him with anything yet.

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