Still trying to bring my back up

Hey fam well we are under 5 weeks now. Starting to get grainy. Fully on board with John Meadows now and I’m loving it. Still miss Matt Porter everyday as he was my coach and friend since 2014. As always @SymBiotecLab had hooked me up with the best gear and service. If you guys haven’t checked him out I highly recommend you do. You won’t get crashed gear or crap gear with his products. I fully stand behind him 100% as he’s had my back for almost 2 years now.

I’ve had a couple of spots opened up recently so I’m still open for UG family for training. You guys get all our services for $150 a month (customized nutrition, workouts and gear protocol if needed). Nobody gets the same plan.


Looking killer.

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Sick vascularity in your legs man.


Keep killing it !!

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Fuck man you finally got those hammies poppin too! Looking shredded as always.

Yea buddy! Really all coming together now, love that grainy look you got going brotha, stellar!

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One word… JACKED

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Thanks buddy

Looking good!

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Great to hear that. I would guess you would have to not go LH!!! You can’t pack anymore muscle into 198. Delts, rears really look big…I think the illusion will be fine because of how etched your glutes and hams will be. Even now the eyes go to your hams and conditioning, plus the shorts,LOL. From the side is gonna be crazy. U putting anything in the rears?JK

I have always done shots in rears I
Usually do .75ml of whatever I’m injecting. Never SIO though. I hate pinning plus I’m not sure of sides of those. I tried 2 bottled years ago and just wasn’t worth pinning every body part every day. Said fuck that. I would break out in a sweat bro.

Believe it or not I’m holding right at 196-198

Do you have to qualify again? I have not spot injected for years, except delts. I used to do lats but seldom where they now say to. 198 at five weeks? I know there’s some guys that can volumize up to the show. They say grow but…you probably will be harder not having to deplete so much.

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No still qualified. Yea he’s keeping Anadrol in to keep me full.

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