Summer Cycle insight needed

Summer Cycle insight needed

Last summer I ran 11wks before I had to shut down early due to intermittent water retention of the ankles. As I was trying to determine the cause. I ran 9wks of EQ at 300mg ew for 4wks then 400mg for 5wk and ran 100mg of para for 11wks before I dropped that. They were run together and dropped one at a time to determine culprit.

Turned out I am hyper sensitive to Propiconazole Fungicide I was using on an unrelated project which was causing the issue, but I digress.

I had great results even though it was cut short and was thinking about using just Tren esters for my AAS this time. Im on TRT 200mg ew and started 2iu hgh week days in November and plan to make this my base line. I wanted to be a bit more aggressive this time.

I have only run Para and no experience with the shorter esters. Here are the two compounds I and plan to select from. Yes I will be running ancillaries as needed


Option 1 20wk
10w Tri-tren 1ml ew
10w Para 200mg ew
20w Proviron 25mg ed

Option 2
10w para 100mg
10w para 200mg
20w proviron 25mg ed

Trying to use as little as possible and keep it simple. My question is since they are all the same compound but different esters will I get a better kickoff with the tri tren then cruz on straight para or am I splitting hairs? I believe the faster tren esters are limited in duration of use for health reasons verses the para which is designed for longer use?

Currently not bulking/cutting/cardio just keeping a clean maintenance diet and looking to keep slowly dropping body fat best I can till I stall. As summer approaches Ill start adding cardio activities in but keep nutrition relatively the same which is low carbs/high fat and protein then have a re-feed day when the body demands it. 6’1" 274lbs. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed to help me reach my goal and here is my current condition. My thumbnail was somewhere in the middle of my summer cycle i think for a comparison and was 290-95ish.


I personally am to nervous to run tri tren. Trens strong enough not to try and manage three different esters and trying to keep blood levels stable. But if you do go that route I’d like to hear your results. Would you dose everyday or every other to take advantage of the short ester? If not I would run just para.

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Why not just run the tren hex in the blend? Or by itself. Parabolan is just tren hex im just wondering why the blend? Why not just the parabolan?

Option 2 is what I would recommend

Looking good brother built like a MONSTAR

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I viewed the tri tren like a blended test product and despite best practice of more frequent injection, I have always done weekly injections with long esters so no my intention was to shoot weekly.

My thought was to use the tri-tren as a kickoff like front loading or using an oral at the beginning of a cycle since the shorter esters can are harsh on your health if used too long correct? Then bridge the back half on the long ester at more mg. Also would like to know if this is incorrect and will experience the same acclimation to tren as if i just ran 100mg para then increased dose to 200mg to keep the body responding.

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Thanks you answered the acclimation question; what about using it as a kickoff then switching?

Looking good. I don’t see any reason why you can’t kick-start it with the tren. It’s a nice mix and better than an oral.
Once weekly injections with short esters, also?

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Kickstart is usually a 4wk process when waiting for all the esters in sustanon to get in range.
Usually using test prop.

If you do what you are doing with all the esters in the tri tren you would be doing a kickstarter backwards it would be more of a taper if you reduced the dose at the end.
I believe that the hex is a solid choice but if you want you could run the tri tren the whole time also but I personally wouldn’t use both.

Good luck and good gains brother

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Good points, after you mentioned the tren will acclumate the same no matter the ester i noticed I would need to bump up to 300mg of the para with option 1.

That was the plan since it has the long ester in it, but at point if i use it I will commit to at least twice a week. I prefer long ester specifically to avoid being a pin cushion and its worked ok so far.

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Yeah, I was going to say the good old “if it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it.” Haha…

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