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Summer is finally here. We are starting this season with a 50% Discount = 30% for every paid order + 20% if paying with BitCoin. Take advantage of this offer and you’ll get your beach body ready in no time!

The Discount is available only for Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories and Stealth Juice products.
The Offer is valid 21 May – 04 June 2019.
During the Promo Bulk Prices not available.
The promo will not be applied for the products from Hot Prices and Cycles & Kits category.

Hurry up, you simply can’t miss this discount!
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Warmest regards, Team
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50% off of great products


This is awesome

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At 50% off dragon pharma 200mg/ml primo is 85$ if I already didn’t have a stock I would get in on that and then the proviron by bp is only 11$ a box with 30 tabs of 50mg proviron pharma grade Balkan pharmaceutical

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Just took advantage of this for some future cut cycles. 6 boxes of Clen. Half a hundy total including shipping. Spectacular.


Right great sale

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