Sumo vs Conventional squats

So maybe someone can tell me how much of a difference or what I’m losing by staggering my stance when I squat. I do it for good reason. Due to two separate motorcycle accidents I was left with a titanium rod in my left lower leg and fractured two vertebrae in another accident. Since then my squats have been altered to keep pressure off those areas. Dead lifting I only go conventional stance however. But squatting I have to stagger my feet or else I’ll tap out with far less weight before any real work is done. So what am I losing by this, if anything? And if so, how can I make up for it. Thanks guys.

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Sumo is less pressure on the knees. Takes a bit to get used to but will come around quick. Anything you miss on sumo “muscle focus wise” you can make up with leg press. If switched to sumo a few years back and it easier on my knees.


So much easier on my knees! So much that it was easier to put up more weight. Then I thought I must be cheating somehow.

I honestly Ti k they should be treated as two different lifts

Why do you say that??

I was reading as dead lifts sqUats I never called it sumo just wide stance squats

Yeah wider and feet pointed outward squats.

Well yeah just never thought to call them that. Hell in my kind I just think :thought_balloon: f suited squats with that style. I was doing wider stance with feet more outward but recently switch to more narrow and I find I’m doing better. I don’t have the flexibility in adductors for it

Yeah I don’t have the flexibility there either. That’s why I’m finding wider stance is the way to go for me.

Then you must have flexibility there if you go wide. I could barely get parallel with wide stance looked like
I was suited raw when I would descend

Not sure what you mean by suited raw but yes I have much better flexibility with wife stance.

It looks like I’m squatting with a geared suit on when raw they are that tight

I also love auto correct to wife stance like women should have legs wide open

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