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About 3 weeks ago i saw in another forum SymBiotec-Lab and the first impression i had was being amazed by the price list ( incredibly affordable), i checked all the products available, and every single revue the have in that forum ( i could not find not one bad one), shortly after i e-mailed them and i had the greatest experience of amazing customer service, this man is just friendly and kind and spoke to me offering me an overwhelming avalanche of knowledge; this gentleman has a Ph D in bio-chemistry and during this almost a month i have learnt so much from him. So i ordered on the 23rd 3 vials of test e 500 mg. 24 hrs after payment being collected i got a picture of a receipt, i got a tracking number, and also a pick of the pack; i received the pack on the 3rd and during the course of those days i was updated EVERYDAY of the location at the time being of my pack. Without a doubt Symbiotec-Lab has offered me the most satisfactory experience i ever had buying my gear, the level of professionalism has being extremely impressive. It makes me feel very confident to know that my gear is made and produce by someone with the necessary scientific knowledge. I went ahead and put a 2nd order in already. They have become a verified source here so whatever i can help you guys with, whatever you wanna know…i can helpt 500


Sounds great brother!!

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Let me leave my review here also, so guys will be know something about SBL. My experience:

-quick reply
-very good communication
-fast shipping
-T/A- from europe less than week is very good for me


Products look very professional.


thanks for sharing pastor ,think they could have got a bit more in them vials lol.

thankks for sharing

any pip with that mg .brother .whats the oil they use ?thanks

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Tomorrow a get the 2nd order i placed and from that one am gonna do a pin Tuesday morning and as soon as i do it i will post

thanks brother

never seen tops without plastic caps before .will you have to pierce them

I have seen them many times from many different sources; the little circle on the top is pre-cut, you just pull it

ok thank you suppose it saves on cost of thousands of plastic tops .

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and time

I have always been an inpatient person and you fill me up with curiosity this morning; i pin Mondays and Thursdays Test e+ deca+ eq. I do not open bottles unless am finished with the one am using . but i had to do it. I shot half a cc of the test e 500 alone…it went nice and smooth, i trained legs after and i felt no pain in the injected area; am very happy with this gear. I will pin the masteron p on Tuesday and will give you feedback beloved

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lol pastor you made me laf .i sorry if i tempted you just thought it being 500mg such high concentration there maybe some pip .but seems very claen

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About an hour ago i received my second package; this time i will show you the whole deal since i just got it. The most important part is that this pack was mailed out on April the 30TH, payment was picked up on the 28th. the 29th i received picture of the pack and receipt and the tracking #. so is a 7 days delivery…EXCELLENT. Also i will pin that masteron p tomorrow morning and will give you feed

I edited out that first pic bro. You can scan that qr to see where it was mailed from.


thanks for your favor my brother



Yes sr, thanks