SymBiotecLab SBL and @PHD Christmas Contest!

SymBiotecLab SBL and @PHD Christmas Contest!


Dear UGM members!!!

We wanted to say thank you for the massive Christmas Sale last week, you were incredibly amazing!!! :muscle:
Now it’s time for the Christmas Party and to do something for fun :slight_smile: :evergreen_tree:

We SymBiotecLab SBL and @PHD Team would like to organize a contest for the
"Funniest photo from the Gym"

The best photo will be chosen by Our Team with prize award:

1 Test En
1 Bold EQ
1 Tren En
1 Dianabol
1 Turinabol
free shipping

Please add photos under this post. The contest will run from today to Sunday midnight. You can add as many pictures as you like :slight_smile:
Let’s do something funny, let’s all laugh together and We wish you a win!!!

Best Regards

SymBiotecLab @PHD Team

[email protected]
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