This is our verified source ***SymBiotecLab or SBL Dedicated source category page they will still have a verified src page also, but now any member can post new topics, post pictures ,and create a review in this category for other members to read about that are specific only to ****SymBiotecLab or SBL without having to navigate through one whole verified src page.

This type of category will be reserved for our top sponsors. I hope that we get all of our sponsors a category page because I believe that it will give them much more visibility and make it easier for members to be able to navigate and read comments about the src.

There are some RULES for this category. When posting in a src category No SRC Cross Talk.
I would like all pictures of received goods from this src posted in this srcs category page from now on with a new topic titled gear pics.
Reviews for the src should be posted as new topics with review in the title.
All questions to this src should be titled source question and then before asking the same question to a src over and over you can find the title with the question you are looking to get answered if there is not a topic with that question already then create a new topic with your question. This will make it easier for the member and the src.

The verified src page for any src that also has a category page will now be exclusively used for conversation about the src. While the category page is for questions,gear pics,reviews,and other new topics created about the src.

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I have to pay the guys over at @SymBiotecLab Compliments on their professionalism and communication. After the IJL issue was posted, I like most purged all of their compounds. Symbiotec had various compounds delivered within nine days of payment. Without jeopardizing any information regarding their packaging and delivery method, I sure you it was outstanding. Will certainly do a full review after all compounds are used.