SymBiotecs Pricing

For you new guys
Ive been asked about is the price of his products and how hes selling them “cheap”. First to address these prices were about the same range as a few years back before China had a problem shipping raws to US and they raised the pricing on buyers to account for the seizures and reships needed. So UGLs needed to adjust prices accordingly. They raised with them. Some sources still sell for similar prices. Including last year one of the top sources on ProM had same. Any UGL is running a business and its risk vs reward. Every source will maintain a price that is worth it for them and what they are comfortable making in return for the product. This is also affected by raw price and location. If you look at a list of prices for raws and do the math on what 1kg of Testosterone enanthate yields in return to online prices and street prices, this business can give you a very good range on margins. Do i think the prices are cheap? Yes I do. Will I complain about it? Fuck no. I’ll test it and if good I wont bitch that I want to pay more. This in no way means a sponsor with higher prices is doing anything wrong then one with low. You find the product/sponsor you like and if your okay with the price vs results then thats a good fit for you.

You guys see people doing free test prop giveaways on some orders, etc. It because the cost is a couple dollars on prop and they make their money on other things. Some guys will buy kg in raws and will get a cheaper price then someone buying say every 100 grams.

Since Im not in the US, Im going to run a short cycle and will see what I think about the quality. As of now, his communication is great. Some members here are on his products already. So I’ll personally give it run also.


Can’t wait to see the review im interested myself in some products

Keep us updated.

Thanks keep us posted on how products are working

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