SymBioticLab (SBL) Review

Whats up boys. Ordered for the first time at SBL, and without shilling - by far the best UGL I’ve ever ordered from. Ive ordered from a lot of sources before, but the customer service, shipping etc. were topped by SBL by far. So lets get to the details:


Only one day after payment all my items were shipped, and if arrived 3 days later (with a weekend but whatever). Which is pretty quick from the UK to Germany, without any trouble with customs at all. He was constantly updating me where my parcel was, and where it went - only 1-2 hours after the tracking even updated. Packaging all top notch and basically Pharma grade, all the vials intact - securely packaged and the pills are all in a nicely consumable fashion (talking about the huge as 00 nolvadex caps that are 90% filler and are a pain to get down sometimes.)



One of the nicest guys Ive met in the game, insanely knowledgeable, helpful and quick & nice to answer.



As I said they look good, I will also update the review / log with blood test so y’all know where it gets me. Ordered Tren, Test, EQ, Proviron, Nolva and Var, all perfectly fine.



Definitely the best source Ive ever used hands down, glad to know people like this still exist. Again, this Is not a shill post that Ive been paid for, I am just impressed and amazed that people like him still exist.

12/10 lifetime customer



@SymBiotecLab I’d definitely an amazing source.

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Thanks for posting a review.

This source is the best I have used in past five years. The level of communication and professionalism is outstanding. I was never left without complete confidence they were watching order even after it shipped. My package passed through customs and was tracking to be delivered as scheduled. However, the package never was delivered. I contacted mail carrier and they could not locate it. I sent SBL one email informing them of situation and they told me they were aware and had been tracking package to make sure it delivered. This level of service and professionalism is unmatched on this board. SBL then reshipped my package and it delivered within a week.

With SBL you can rest assured they will literally walk your order all the way through. I will post review on effectiveness of gear in about six weeks.

I strongly recommend giving this source a try!

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