T3 - impact on gains, its effectiveness for fat loss when on cycle, and how to deal with tthe social side effects induced by it

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I’ve been running 800mg deca, 500mg test undecoanate (nebido) weekly for about 2 months now. The test u has a a somewhat reduced elimination (not terminal) half life of 21 days because I’m not doing 1mg per shot per 12 weeks like nebido is recommended - so half life drops from 27 days to about 21 (when not injecting a huge amount (like nebido is usually administered 1mg per shot per 12 weeks). Still the half life is great (mean residence time in the body is ~43 days). And of course good ol’ deca does its thing nice and slow.

Have been making solid gains and now am up to 240lbs, XL shirts are so tight on the arms and chest and back that sometimes I feel like I must look like a sloot…so far so good but ive gotten so big all over that now its sort of impossible to not notice that I have a decent aount of visceral fat in the abdomen area.

I’ve been cautiously manipulating macros using intermitten fasting to create huge caloric deficits for 2 days every week. What I would like to do is add t3 to the mix (50 mcg daily). I’e used in it in the past with clen and it worked beautifully but back then i didn’t have much muscle to lose so the whole thing just wasn’t that risky. Also, I don’t want to use clen while I’m on so much gear. Have read too many research studies that conclude that the risk of developing assymetric ventricular hypertrophy goes up drastically when both are combined.

So, here are my questions:

  1. should it be possible to keep making steady gains (~1 lb a week) after adding 50 mcg t3 to the mix while keeping the deca and nebido administration unchanged? I’ll use intermitten fasting to cut calories 2 days and remaining 5 days hit bulking macros to keep the growth going.

  2. does anybody have any suggestions on how to prevent crazy sweating when on t3 and gear? I’m alrady burning up most of the time due to gear and it has made things difficult at work because 99% of my coworkers are women who are always freezing so its just not possible for me to to blast the AC (the best I can do currently is to keep an very powerful portable fan at my desk).

I can deal with the psychological torture of always feeling overheated (i live in one of the the hottest parts of florida) but it’s embarassing as hell to sweat through dress shirts every singe meeting I attend? And of course since i’m on the gear, its not like the sweat doesn’t have a strong odor - it totally has that musky test smell like the sweat produced by guys on cycle at the gym.

so what can I do? doing the t3 only on weekends will drastically reduce the rate of fat loss and I’m also worried about the rebound on the off days. And then there’s t3’s insanely long half life which theoretically won’t let me be t3 free on off-day anyway.

Honestly I’d not be running t3 unless you’re towards the end of a contest diet. T3 can be rough on the body and it makes you feel like shit and lethargic

By taking T3 you basically up regulate a regulatory mechanism that regulates the effect of T3 not by effecting the adult muscle cells, but it actually kills off you muscle stem cells before they have a chance to join with the adult muscle cell. These are the same cells that MGF and IGF and AAS increase, and are the same cells that your body recruits for growth and repair.

In addition say you take MGF, and IGF, and AAS with your T3 to try and combat this effect. (btw I have no research to suggest these would significantly help the situation and people that say they lose less by using them may be an alternative mechanism etc. so you still might be losing the effect of recruitment of muscle stem cells)
T3 up regulates these SERCA1 proteins right. Here is a question that always bothered me, because these proteins have a long half life and t3 itself isn’t increasing your metabolism like a stimulant… you shouldn’t need to slowly come off it. It should be that the slow loss of the CA++ pumps would serve as a slow decline on its own. Here in lies the other problem. Your body responds to up regulated SERCA1 proteins with another group of hormones to catabolize them. Corticosteroids!!! Like the all famous cortisol.
This is done in part by the corticosteroids causing an increase in sarcolipin mRNA which decrease the activity of the SERCA1 pumps. So not only are you losing the energy burning pumps after you come off t3, you are decreasing the effectiveness and levels of the ones you naturally would have and your increase

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@Bigd35 that’s an interesting point, can you point me towards the source of this information? (I"m assuming this is based on some research study found on MedLine, pubMed, etc.)

Yes I can I have a medical degree so info is based on real studies and knowledge. Ill send u a few links to read up on to get better understanding brother

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That would be wonderful, bro. Looking forward to it!

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