Tack's gotta lose some fat, training log

I’ve been meaning to post on here again, but this month has been wild. From when I joined here beginning of March, I had the mission to get big and do it right. I was amused by the idea of turning this venture into a medical experiment on my body. I knew the first step was to reduce my body fat, by taking control of my diet. And I was getting into counting macro’s, making recipes, all of which I want to share with y’all in the near future. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, dieting, and workout plans. It’s been fun so far.

Beginning of January I was up to 218lb, probably up to 21% body fat I never got an exact measurement, I just knew I needed to get the weight down, and started working out more. Posting here at the beginning of March, I was at 208lb 18.4% body fat, this is also around the time I started really tracking my weight every other day. I set my target to be 196lb, and mostly target fat loss. I’m happy to say that I’m now at 198lb at 15.6% body fat after a month. Honestly 10lb in a little over a month, and mostly fat, I can’t be happier, now my next goal is 186lb in another month.

I also had some labs done at the beginning of the month, which revealed a possibility of prediabetes, and high LDL cholesterol. This adjusted my diet to add more fiber into my diet which I then added boxes of granola bars, and oatmeal to snack on between meals. I’ve also started taking supplements to help my cholesterol ratio. For the prediabetes, I wasn’t really sure if the blood work was something to worry about, but I bought a glucose meter, and started testing my blood sugar every morning before eating, and it would be pretty consistent around 72-76mg/dL so I made the judgment that it’s probably not an issue. I will have more labs soon, once my hospital patient records come back. They probably stuck my arm 16 times for the week I was there. More about that below :smiley:

When I was dieting, and tracking macro’s, I learned with my previous diet, portion sizes were too big, way too much fat, and not enough fiber/complex carbs. Sugar was something I eliminated a long time ago. Kinda sucks cause I do enjoy baking cakes, cookies, pies. I’m a hardcore baker. But in another perspective, it has helped as I can make some really healthy and kickass bread loaves. Whey protein also works as a good filler for things like pancakes, just have to use a little more milk. I have some ideas I want to play with, making low-fat baked goods. I already know Genoise sponge cakes are primarily egg, now to figure out how to substitute the sugar.

Another thing I’ve been getting into is becoming a spreadsheet guy. I’ve been writing up my recipes calculating macros and portion sizes. Currently, I’m on a 2400 calorie diet, 20% fat, 55% carb, 25% protein roughly. I know there are spreadsheets for workouts but haven’t invested enough time in that part yet. I was hoping for some guidance on this when I get back to a normal routine. Once I feel comfortable with how the spreadsheets work for myself, I’d be grateful to share here.

Now here is when everything turns upside down. Thursday the 1st, I was working out hard. Keep in mind, I haven’t taken any steroids, or SERMS, or anything of the sort. I do take Adderall in the morning, and I’ve been smoking a bit more cannabis that night, but I was just feeling good and wanted to work myself till I broke. End of the night took a shower, went to bed with a slight pain in my lower left rib, didn’t think anything of it. Woke up the next morning, Friday the 2nd, with my rib being a lot more painful, reading online I suspected I was suffering from a strained intracostal muscle. But through the day, the pain just got worse and worse. I couldn’t lay down without my side flaring in pain. Standing and moving was difficult. It was getting bad, and I drove myself to the hospital around 1am Saturday morning.

Turns out I had a pulmonary embolism, on my lower left lung. I really didn’t think much of it, I was ready to just get some meds and get out of the hospital. They pumped me up full of morphine, which didn’t do much to the pain, I signed myself out against doctors advice around 7am in the morning, and started taking a blood thinner Eliquis, and Norco that they prescribed. I had two dogs to take care of, and I live alone. I was thinking of them… But you know, the pain wasn’t getting better. It was just getting worse. I was collapsing in pain. And I just had to call a friend, call my mother, to come take care of my dogs. I stacked up a few Norco’s and drove myself back to the hospital around 8pm Saturday.

From here, they started running a bunch of blood tests, I did faint while getting stuck with a needle for the first blood work… I hate needles lol… Sunday morning, I was speaking with the MD, I was very upfront about my drug use, but the MD suspected more drugs were involved and was pressuring me pretty hard about whether I used IV drugs, which I don’t, and always denied. Turns out the reason why is the initial blood tests detected a bacteria associated with heart valve infections, and the most common cause is injecting with dirty needles. Again keep in mind I’m not doing steroids, or anything involving needles. They were giving me a crapload of morphine, a total of 8mg so far, and it wasn’t doing anything for the pain. Until they gave me an iv anti-inflammatory Toradol. Omg what a miracle that stuff was, I could actually lay down on a hospital bed and sleep for once.

At this point I was coughing up chunks of blood, and being treated for pain. Doctors were generally surprised that they didn’t need to give me any oxygen, my lungs were working well, dispite the constant shortness of breath, and my lung capacity being only 20% of what it is normally. I had issues walking long distances, and holding conversations without getting winded. I would hyperventilate in short breaths at some moments trying to catch my breath, and would have to calm myself down cause it hurts.

They did some ultrasounds on my heart over the chest, and detected no inflammation, no infection. So they then wanted to do an Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) again no inflammation detected, and blood cultures came back negative. I say that so nonchalant, basically they put you under, and stick an ultrasound camera down your throat to look at your heart. Also, this would be the first experience I would have with anesthesia. This just confirms that there is no heart valve infection. This is awesome news.

Over time, as I was talking to the doctors, nurses, and they got to know me, they started realizing I’m not a druggy, and I really am doing what I’m doing for self-improvement, they started being more real with me about my health. I have taken their advice and stopped taking Adderall until I meet with a hematologist, and really diagnose the problems. And when my mother was able to fly in, I learned high hemoglobin is actually a genetic issue on her side of the family… This also explained a lot more to the doctors. It’s looking like those previous labs I got a month ago, were already showing a red flag that wasn’t apparent to the inexperienced person. This just shows to myself and hopefully to everyone else… how important it is to consult a doctor, even if it’s uncomfortable, or you choose to go against their advice.

I was in the hospital till Wednesday morning on the 8th. So nearly 4 days. And I was feeling normal again, no pain on Friday the 10th. And this has given me a lot of time to reflect on my life. I’ve read that 1/3rd of people die from this condition before they are able to make it to the hospital. And this kind of stuff can become really debilitating. I’ve kinda fallen deeper into faith, I feel like this was almost a message, of no matter how perfect things may seem, it can be taken away at a moment’s notice. I’m so ready to stop using excuses to hold me back on the things I want to accomplish. I have a true bucket list at this point. I’m so ready to drop stupid mental barriers that are holding me back from accomplishing what I need to. It’s also shifted my perspective on how to approach things. I feel like there is a better filter in evaluating what is important.

Whether I will try doing steroids, I’m on the fence about it now. It will all come down to what the doctors have to say. Might be something I will try 10-20 years from now considering the circumstances. Being that, I start taking it when my testosterone naturally decides to drop. But you know, I still think it’ll be fun to hang around here and share knowledge, so I ain’t going anywhere.


Great write up

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Smart man


I agree, very smart to wait


Theres much more ahead for you to do in life. You can workout and be lean, look good naked as they say. with some test gel later if you levels fall. They dx you with PE and you left AMA, lucky. Even the blood thinner, good choice to take that even an aspirin. Training is 1 hour a day and eating correctly. AAS is when your plateaued or to do once or twice a year in small amount.


The nurse working the Friday graveyard shift was also working when I came in Saturday night, and the first thing he said was “Glad to see you’re back.” I was ignorant of how serious the situation was until the pain really kicked in, and started coughing up blood.

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Holy shit brother :flushed:

That’s a crazy story and im really glad you’re here to tell us about it happening.
So they treated you like a junkie as soon as you walked in and didn’t believe anything you said I know all about that

Im glad that you went back I couldn’t believe when I read that you signed yourself out I was about to quickly post go back before I finished reading lol

Honestly after that natty sounds really good unless you are using gear under doctor supervision especially with the medications you are taking I believe that there are strong drug interactions.

Im really glad to see you popped in and let us know remember brother were here for alot more than just gear. Everyone here is part of the ugmuscle community and the anything goes category plus members only is there for anything within the rules that you want to talk about plus I would love to compare natty gains next to some people who use gear and don’t grow but just gain water and waste their time. It would be great for Harm Reduction to know about your progress which in no way has to stop.
I honestly don’t know the extent of your injuries to your lung but it sounds serious. I believe that if you’re able to still go full force natty go for it that’s what im doing im not even on trt right now.
I believe that you can achieve any goal you want as long as you have a solid plan. I look forward to helping and seeing you achieve those goals.

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I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for 8 uears now and have done many things wrong. Hit me up @Poppy with any questions. I might not be able to tell you the right way but I’m pretty sure I can tell you the wrong way. Hahaha


I wanted to hear them


10-4. Got fasted labs this Saturday am. We’ll see where I’m at. I’ve been staying the course but labs don’t lie.


Another log update. From a medical update, still no word as to what the cause was. I did see the hematologist, he basically said there is nothing from my lifestyle choices that would cause such issues, and there isn’t much they can test on until I’m off the blood thinners in 2 months. And no MMA until I’m off the thinners… That kinda sucks, it was the primary motivator for me to get fit.

I have to admit I’ve been kinda lazy about really tracking my diet, and workouts since. And my weight has been hovering around 198lb-201lb. I’ve definitely gained weight that being the case. Not to say I’ve been lazy. I just got myself a squat rack, barbell, and adjustable dumbbells. Been on the thing almost every day, so much so I probably should have taken that rest day like everyone says to but didn’t care. No worries though, my wrists and elbows just complained for an extra day, and decided to do more squats.

Weight lifting is all still very new to me, and been following some youtube videos, and some interesting guides more focused on hypertrophy workouts and targeting muscle groups. I’ve also been get used to the routine of the different workouts, knowing what weights I can handle, basically I’m learning, I’m sure y’all know the drill.

Tomorrow is my recovery day, I want to spend time building a worksheet to better track my lifting stats, and muscle mass. This evening I finished up my weekly diet and workout schedule. It includes the added abs and cardio focus I’ve been meaning to add to my routine, reduced my calorie intake on recovery days, which will bring me down to about 2150 calories per day average. This also includes foods easy to prepare, and enjoy.

Well, lets see what the heck I can do. To follow @Poppy 's friend’s advise, It’s time to stop working out, and start training.


What you got there is actually a nice setup. Plenty to get the job done.

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Sounds like you are doing great to me brother it sucks that you lost MMA but its not forever so that’s a plus for now keep your training going until that comes back around.
You can definitely still lose weight quickly weight training. Its all about your diet as long as your diet is right and you workout any goal is achievable with time.

I love your spreadsheets and I know that they keep you on track there an amazing tool that most coaches use so your ahead of the game there you might just be getting into things but that’s some of the best times. You start trying out all the different training techniques and see what you like and what you don’t.

I look forward to continued updates because even though your at 200lbs in a month you can be at 190lb easily without mma if you continue to train and follow your diet.


I hate cardio. Sometimes I question why I have “finish a marathon” on my bucket list. Not really though, frustration is a great motivator.

I’m trying to come up with some metrics to measure my gains beyond just weight and fat %. I’m still not sure how reliable those fat % bathroom scales are. I’m really thinking just taking pictures would be the simplest measurement. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. I could use a tape measure around my arms and legs and stuff, but I’m not confident on how much value it would bring.

Still burning fat, I know I’m getting close to my goal, that last bit of fat around my belly and love handles are starting to shrink. It’s kinda weird to look at slightly lose skin where there had been fat practically all my life. Hopefully that all tightens up lol.

Starting to get used to these sets and judging weight where I feel I can hit my rep max without over-straining myself.

Phone users are gonna hate this one… Slight definitions though on the columns
Target = Set x Reps, or time target
S# = Number of reps done for that Set
RM# = Did I hit Rep Max?


Loose skin sucks but I’ll take the loose skin over fat Amy day


This log only contains 5 days for the week, as I just started this new format. I will be continuing to post these logs on or around Sunday, as it would be best to get used to the 20 week competition schedule. I swear I have no clue what I’m going up against there, we will see.

Also going forward, I won’t be posting spreadsheet logs in the middle of the week to reduce the clutter, unless something extravagant happens for that day.

I will look to increase my calorie average to 1800, which was my original target, as I’m feeling ill some moments of the day. I just keep forgetting to eat.

For the end of week stats. 200lb, 15.4% bf, 1548 calorie average a day, 11-54-35 macro percentage

Lastly, first pics. Self conscious of my looks, but I need to remind myself I’m not taking these cause I look good.


I hope the person taking pics was yelling work it while you posing. Also I get the pics part if you looked at all
Y socmed I ever had I never post pics of myslef don’t even like being in them


Naw, all I had for motivation was a little flashing light and beep from my camera timer lol. I’m also not flexing at all, this is all relaxed. I will start working on poses, and flexing when I don’t have a half inch of fat covering my abs and hips lol.

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Imm as just joking around


Yeah maybe I’m over explaining myself, I was thinking into it whether I should flex or not thought, it was just a running thought I was having. This is all becoming a very obsessive hobby for me lately.

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