Talking my father in to TRT

Talking my father in to TRT

Little background… my dad is the one who got me into bodybuilding at a very young age, he was always natural. My freshman year of high school I started getting really serious about bodybuilding and that’s when I started pro hormones which led to anabolics by the time I was a junior. My dad always preached not taking them, but knows now obviously I do.

He’s in his mid 60’s now and recently started aging a lot past few years to where it’s hard for me to see him walk with a limp. I personally feel getting him on some trt (250mg) of test a week will help slow his aging, specifically muscle deterioration. I want to have this conversation with him and maybe even hand him some of our UNITED GEAR test and tell him all the benefits, but he’s such a prideful man and the fact he preached against anabolics would make him decline even if he wanted to try.

How would you approach the conversation?

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@UNITED I can share from personal experience because I had to approach my own father. I simply explained the benefits of the treatment and I told him it was a responsible safe approach to replace what his body was no longer producing. Peak testosterone levels are shown to reduce the risk of over 90% of age related illness including dementia and Alzheimer’s. I told him how much I loved and cared about him. I shared I wanted him to have the quality of life he deserved. I told him if he was vitamin D deficient he would take a vitamin D supplement. So now that he is testosterone deficient he needed to supplement in the same way. I also told him my mom has been on hormone therapy since a hysterectomy so what is the difference with a man.

He took the plunge at 76. He only made it to 78 but we did slow down the muscle wasting effects that he was experiencing until his death due to his lack of eating. And his cognitive functions, well being and sense of humor all seemed to be rock solid.

Best of luck buddy.


I had this same talk with my wife about 4 years ago.
I did my research, read a lot, got advice from @Kodiakgrrl and shared that knowledge with her.
I then did more research and found her a great bhrt trt clinic to visit.
The idea had more credibility coming from a good doctor.
She is still going to the same clinic.


And @Burrr was a great asset sharing his knowledge from @KodiakGrrl with me a few years ago in helping my wife make the decision to begin HRT.

Big world… small community of like minded people… unselfishly helping each other.

@UNITED I will never forget the help I received from Burrr and I hope you can feel the same one day looking back. I want the best for your father and I hope you will have the courage to approach him. We are thinking of you.


I would love to talk my dad into getting into TRT, my mother took his balls away from him decades ago.

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I agree with @SemperFi. Personally I’d pray first, and then I’d plan to have a conversation based on evidence but rooted in love.

If your dad picks up on how sincere you are and on how much you love him, he’s more likely to buy into the evidence.

IMHO, love and a sincere heart are very effective when working with a prideful person.

Best of luck! I will pray for your father and you.

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I would consider a lower dose than 250 per week … don’t forget the compounding effects over time … higher dosages than that aren’t necessary for trt

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Joe Rogan on TRT. let dad check this out. remove some of the stigma

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