Tamoxifen (anti-estrogens) reduce IGF-1 & GH

Tamoxifen (anti-estrogens) reduce IGF-1 & GH

Hej, I’m preparing for a cycle & in my preperation I extensively research every aspect for best decision & optimal results as with everything I do.

In doing so, I came across a few published medical articles stating how anti-estrogens, specifically Tamoxifen, reduce Growth hormone release.

“Estrogens appear to play a permissive role in growth hormone (GH) release by the pituitary gland and GH is known to stimulate IGF-I expression by hepatocytes. It is therefore possible that blockade of estrogen receptors in the hypothalamic-pituitary axis by tamoxifen interferes with GH release, leading to reduced hepatic IGF-I expression.”
— Michael N. PollakHung The HuynhSusan Pratt Lefebvre.

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
February 1992, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 91–100

This publication & research, along with others; appears solely for breast cancer patients. However this research was an observation of the direct effect of tamoxifen use.
It is therefore plausible that the same result would be viable in any anti-estrogen usage.
Due to the direct correlation it has limiting a key ingredient and factor in growth hormone & ultimately Igf-1 release.

Due to this, I am of the opinion that in a long cycle, with moderate to heavy anti-estrogen use, Igf-1 supplementation is necessary and vital. Or if you are sensitive to side effects of high estrogen, or your body converts alot & you require moderate to heavy anti-estrogen use.

Counter measure::

— Due to receptor sites adapting to Igf-1 use after approximately 4 weeks, I would theorize to implement Igf-1 use mid cycle.
Another route would be to supplement a HGH regiment.

Now this is my own opinion after reading several published medical articles. I invite everyone to do the same. I also watched a known youtuber bodybuilder touch on this briefly, but this is one mand opinion from experience, where mine is solely of research.

In closing, for every hormone use, there are sides that require a counter measure. This research would suggest a counter measures, as a result of a counter measure.



Well my outlook on this would be to supplement with exogenous HGH or IGF-LR3 .Now I take nolva daily at 10mg when on moderate to high test, I still have yet to seen my igf readings altered on bloodwork, but mind you I’m on GH year round.

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