Taste the rainbow lol

Well I saw a dude post somewhere that he ordered from prestige pharma and when he received it it was tropical fruit skittles. Wtf lol I’m soooooo fucked I will probably laugh if it happened to me,


At least he got something in the mail… :joy:


Dude got finessed, probably the most expensive Skittles he’ll ever buy in his life :joy:


That sucks man, I hope it wasn’t a big package!

Deca and test e bout $475 if it dont work fuck it, I will hopefully get hooked up somehow, but I need advice on these compounds i.e how much,often etc. I’m 34 6,1 222 20 percent bf. Its really for work

How’s your exercise routine and diet? How long have been lifting, and what’s your goals?

As many days a week as possible, usually averages out to four a week, diet is solid a far as I know, only problem I have is eating often enough bc I’m a farmer 7 days a week, rain or shine chickens have to eat. Anyway help is impossible to find anymore and my dad has had a kidney transplant so physically that kinda rules him out on labor so strength, healing and energy are super beneficial to me because at the end of saving the day so to speak I have a 4 year old daughter and a great wife to hang with, been lifting off and on for 10 yrs but as I get older the better it helps me make it through the day

Is this your first cycle?

Been 15 years since I ran test and anadrol 50 but I’m on trt at 200mg per week

The biggest thing is gonna be your diet, your gonna need calories especially with nandrolone, you might have to eat a couple of those chickens lol. Before you start you should get blood work so you know where your at. Test and deca can be pinned together 2x a week. Most guys do Monday & Thursday. As far as dosage you might consider 300mg test & 200mg deca. This cycle can be ran very long, as long as you stayed on top of bloodwork and everything is in check. Check out @johnjuanb1 tbol log, he runs a similar HRT protocol.

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Awesome! Thanks for the info man, its bull to have a legit reason for enhancement you still can’t get em. Just had labs should get results back in full Monday. But I know I’m 1000ish total and 35 free t now. Is prolactin what I should watch for?

I personally never had progesterone sides, but yes being a 19nor it’s possible, keeping estrogen in check will help keep progesterone in check. You can keep prami or caber but its unlikely you’ll need it.

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Your a life saver, now the other part I’m no good at, bit coin…wth lol. And @johnjuanb1 that’s what I’m talking bout! THATS EXACTLY the way I want to feel again

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I always take a low dose Bromocriptine when I run 19nors. Never had sides and keeps sex drive high.

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Don’t 19nor raise prolactin levels?

Yes. 19nors can effect progestin levels. However nandrolone is mild and won’t have a pronounced effect on progestin, tren will though. Progestin is naturally released to control estrogen. Keeping your estrogen in check will help keep progestin low enough you shouldn’t have progesterone sides. It’s not a bad idea to keep prami or caber on hand, but with a lower dose nandrolone cycle your unlikely to need it.

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