Team Titan client update

Hey fam. Just wanted to give some quick updates from members that are taking advantage of team Titan training. Everyone is killing it and I’m
Very proud of the results we are getting. Some of them have overcome huge obstacles and are not letting anything stop them. I’ll let them share pictures if they want or give specific updates to their training and results
@Ironside our newest client made HUGE changes just his first week.
@fitstudboi my squirrel boy lol. Making huge life changes by doing meal prep and consistently following his meal plans and workouts.
@GC1985 overcame major injuries and is consistently making weekly improvements.
Keep crushing your goals guys. Super proud of you all.


I can tell you guys that it’s no bullshit. I filled out a questionnaire and talked to PHD for a little but about my nutrition, my current fitness plan and the gear I’m on. He was on board with continuing my Meadows program as well as my cycle plan but wanted to make some adjustments to my nutrition. The program he wrote up was brilliant and in just 5 days I had already made visible changes to my physique. The only thing we changed was my diet. I have far more definition in my hamstrings, shoulders, chest and back. The bloat is gone and I’m no longer retaining water. I plan to use PHD at least through the remainder of this cycle which is another 10 to 12 weeks. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post pics or not but I am keeping all of my updates saved. I have a starting pic that I sent PHD initially and I’ll be taking them along the way so if I decide to post in my log you will get a before and after shot.

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