Test and winny experience

Test and winny experience

Anybody with experience in this cycle. Currently doing test only. Super tight diet. Age 43

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Pretty clean and simple stack how long you plan on running, what dose?

If your bf its more than 15 % doesnt make sens use it. My opinion about winny :thinking:


Been running test 4 weeks now. Low dose.

Can you give me some stats, height, weight, bf%

What’s your ‘low dose’
I’ve had some bad experiences (joint pain) and most recently I had a phenomenal experience…

If you dont have low body fat it will be hard to notice results plus whinny is hell on joints. I’m currently on it right now.

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I think a lot of people will tell you the same as what @Czworeczki said.
If you have higher bf% it doesn’t really do all that good, there are much better options out there.

“The steroid will help produce a dryer, harder look but only if you’re relatively lean. It will also aid in lean tissue preservation but not to a very strong degree that’s often needed in such a phase. It’s typically recommended that Winstrol only be used in this capacity as a secondary steroid, not a base or foundational steroid.”


@n3rd I agree definitely a secondary steroid for finishing up clean gains from a lean cycle . If your already skinny buff no need get diet right cut then use the whinny for the beach or competition!

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Winny was my favorite AAS.
It made me look crazy shredded and my strength went up a lot. The bad thing is I liked it so much I stayed on for 4-5 months until I had an injury. I’m 51 now so winny is a no go. It always ends with a injury.


Holy schnikey’s, you stayed on Winny for 4-5 months. How’d you get injured? Dried out too much?

I was thinking 8 weeks would be good and maybe like 10 weeks stretching it out at like 50MG’s.


I was shredded. My left rotator cuff tore on chest presses.
I was on 100mg winny daily, 50mg tbol daily, 600mg deca weekly. I thought the deca would protect me but I stayed on too long.

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Man I bet you looked good at 100mg

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It really gets you lean fast.

Glad to see that it works well, but sucks to see you get a major shoulder injury out of the deal. I hope you healed quick and are doing better!

We just started, so I’ll see how long we run it, but definitely not that long.

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I’ve almost everytime cycling hurt my shoulder. Took me awhile to avoid certain movements guess I have weak rotator cuffs

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