Test Booster During PCT

Test Booster During PCT

What is everyone thought’s about running a test booster during PCT? I’m 2 weeks in on nolva now & have a bottle laying around… thought it might maybe help… with libido especially.
Also have been taking cialis which ever since week 2 hasn’t been helping to much

I’ve used Testo-Fuel in the past during PCT and my wife has used it after a Var cycle as well. It seems to create sort of a parachute for your test from my experience. That was before I started using HCG but I found it still worked well to keep myself from feeling like my Test was just falling down the side of a building. Var can and does suppress testosterone production in females just as it does for males and my wife found that she didn’t have much of a hormone rebound from her test while using it after her cycle.

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Why are you taking something’s that isn’t working?

How much cialis are you taking?

@John Sunday was my 2 week mark in pct. So I’ve only taken 20mg cialis daily for 3 days. usually one of those bad boys and I’m g2g😁
Sunday was also the day I dropped my Nolva dose down
Libido has only been low since Sunday.
I’ve just heard mixed things about test boosters in PCT… that it wont do shit… that it helps a little.

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I agree usually one is great which was why I was asking

Shit, even half a one is good

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What’s your current PCT protocol?

@Ironside Nolva 60-40-20-20

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So I was just in a shop today were the guy was telling me that everyone lately has been using 1-andro during there pct I asked isn’t that backwards and he said that its been selling like hotcakes so maybe it will work

That’s a good pct but you might just be shutdown really hard did you run a nor19 cycle?

If you’re 2 weeks in on Nolva like that and you’re still experiencing libido or ED issues, you may want to consider HCG or adding another SERM short term.

I would say switch to clomiphene it will raise your testosterone levels by itself

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@Bigmurph no 19nor. Ya it was weird how it just all the sudden happened… Everything was great until I dropped down to 20mg. I’ll have to pick up some clomid & see if it helps at all. What dose would you recommend & for how long? What do you think about the HCG?

Do you think its just estro rebound? Think some aromasin could help?

Thanks for the help!

It definitely could be estrogen rebound if you were using arimidex or just nolvadex.
I think that clomiphene will bring you right back because it raises natty test levels better than just nolvadex

I wouldn’t go for the hcg until you really believe that you need it.

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