Test Cyp- Blood level duration

Tried to research online for my answer, but hear conflicting things, and terminology I don’t understand.

TRT doc I just started with checks bloods every 3 months. Was going to bump my dose up from 200mg test c to 400mg in the mean time. My concern is wanting to come off and give my bloods enough time to come back down to my TRT levels so the doc doesn’t question it. How long do you think I need to give for that to come down? Thanks guys :+1:

Everytime I go into my doc I don’t take a shot for 3 weeks and crash them. Works fine for me.

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Tricky part is I can’t totally crash it. Just need to get to my TRT baseline levels. So maybe 3 weeks back at my TRT dose? Just really don’t know how long they take to come down.

Mine don’t crash. I use that word carelessly it’s around 500 on mine after 2.5 weeks.


Ah gotcha :ok_hand:

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