Test for Life, testicular atrophy and HCG

for the brothers here who are on TRT or decided to use Test for life

testicular atrophy is something we will have to deal with

I typically do hcg blasts of 500iu 10 days every couple months

can anyone here comment on using it regularly at lower dosages. if you are consistent do your balls go back to regular size?

quite frankly i dont care as long as my test levels are stable but would like to hear others feedback

thank you in advance


I think most TRT docs prescribe 250-500 twice a week as long as they are on treatment.

Another sponsor has touted the use of kisspeptin-10. 100mcg daily, it more closely mimics the body’s normal function. Half life is short as opposed to hcg’s being 20hr.


thank you!!

would you do it year around or on and off? please advise

If you’re on TRT I would say run it year round. Check labs on and off to see how it effects estrogen and test, that will give you best idea of whether or not you need it.

I personally don’t like the feeling of the atrophy. So I run it all the time. I’ve personally found 125-150 twice a week will be sufficient for me. 250 twice a week the boys are almost uncomfortably large.

250 twice a week. The day before injection is the typical recommended protocol.


oh man, thanks so much. i was doing it wrong.

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Yessir! Happy to help.

Two different DOs have prescribed 100iu ED of HCG to maintain testicular size, but I also feel the difference in what must be additional testosterone production. So once a week I’ll bump it to 150iu or so for a couple of days, and man, I really feel those two days.

250iu to 500iu E3D is the protocol I think most typically prescribed, but I prefer the 100iu ED, bumping to 150-200iu for a couple of those days. Apparently, it takes regular dosing well above 500iu to desensitize your Leydig cells.


When I used hcg this was the protocol that I would use


thank you for that.
i was doing 500iu 10 day blasts every couple months
ill try the 100iu ed or 250 iu e3d

totally makes more sense

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