Test/Masteron Cycle for Beginner

Ok, I hope I’m posting this in the right section.

Starting my third cycle on Jan 1st. Just a little bit of background about myself first:

5’8 196lbs 38yo
I’ve been on TRT (125mg/week Test C) for about 9 months now. Started early March 2020.
My first cycle was 8 weeks. Ramped up from 125 to 500 and back down to 125. Had no estrogen issues. Gyms were closed so had to workout at home. I also was doing work for a contractor at the time (I’m a handyman by trade). I did this with Test C.

W1 - 250
W2 - 375
W3 - 425
W4 - 500
W5 - 500
W6 - 425
W7 - 375
W8 - 250
And back to TRT Test C

I drank a CRAP ton of Stinging Nettle tea and Ashwaghanda, and also took fish oil in the morning, and ZMA and baby asprin (81mg) at night.

I didn’t really get “bigger” but people at work noticed I had some pep in my step and I noticed some strength gains. I also looked a little better, had some compliments. I just wanted to see what I could do and how my body reacted. I gained about 10lbs and dieted correctly so I was a little leaner also.

Second cycle I had to cut short. I had to move, and after a month I just went back to TRT. But for the 4 weeks it was 125mg Sust once a week and 150mg prop broken up 2xs a week (so 2 75mg injections on Tues and Friday.) I felt good but thought the cycle was a little weird and got the idea from a former body builder who likes to ‘‘ride the waves’’. I was making some gains then but couldn’t continue. Also had some mood swings, so idk if that was from the Sust or the Prop.

I feel I’m ready for my third cycle. Gained some weight since then just eating garbage. I took 6 weeks off from training and now at my age, that took a toll, and I’ll never do that again. I’ve always been really lean and I can still see my abs but I am defo holding some fat. I’ll post a pic tomorrow when I get back from the gym. I do not know what my body fat % is exactly.

My next cycle I would like to do as follows:

TRT - 125

1 - 225TC
2 - 350TC
3 - 425TC
4 - 500TC/300MP
5 - 500TC/300MP
6 - 500TE/300MP
7 - 500TE/300MP
8 - 500TE/400MP
9 - 500TE/400MP
10 - 425TE
11 - 350TE
12 - 225TE

TRT - 125

If switching esters mid cycle is a dumb idea I won’t do it. I just have a bottle of Enth laying around and wld like to use it up.

I really just want to get my abs back again.

200+ Protein
~150 Carbs, most around workout time
I don’t count my fat macros

Cals are 2200 to 2500. On rest days I’m hungry as f*ck so I eat an extra meal.

Cheat days are every other Sunday, usually I stuff my face with a pizza and a cpl Barq’s Root Beers.
The only alcohol I consume is a glass or two of red wine 3 maybe 4 days a week before bed.

With a some research, it seems Masteron is good for cutting. I’ve read Winstrol as well, tho the drying of the joints may not be favorable at my age. I’m still up in the air about that one.

I take Ashwaghanda, ZMA, ECA, Fish Oil, and Vit D.

I would appreciate any and all critiques and I will post pictures tomorrow and will update month to month.

This is my first post and I really hope I didn’t break any rules here. I am more than willing to learn from my mistakes so I hope I don’t get insta-banned bc I really love being a part of this community.

I want to thank you all, esp @Bigmurph, for the amazing community and I want to say how much I appreciate being here. Thank you!


The C and E esters are basically the same. No issue there. The tapering isn’t necessary either. Unless that’s just your personal preference. As far as doing anything wrong. I don’t believe Murph will have an issue with your post. I didn’t see anything wrong in it.


I was going to say I could get tapering down but uo just go all in from get go


Looks good, I’d take the Mast over the Winny every time.


I tried both. I like just jumping in and then jumping out when cycle is over. I feel like I feel it better.


So, the first cycle was just about seeing what and how I would react to Test, so I didn’t want to ‘‘over do it’’. But the theory and science behind ramping up is to keep your receptors fresh and avoid excess estrogen. If you front load, for example, (and I’m not saying frontloading is a bad thing or anything like that) your T spike will also come with and estrogen spike, and then your body has to deal with that throughout the whole cycle. With ramping up, you don’t get an estrogen spike, and your receptors don’t ‘burn out’ as quick and you don’t plateau mid cycle. Just like food and the gym, we continue to add more and more as the cycle goes on. I’m prolly not explaining it very well but I can find the articles I read and post them. But in the beginning of a cycle your body will be more receptive to less test. So like the saying goes, “less is more”, if that makes any sense. Again, I’m still a little ‘‘wet behind the ears’’ and this is just what some research has led me to.


Thanks for the input brother!


Winny seems good I’m just not about that dry joint life lol. Thanks for the input!

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I believe that’s a great cycle for you honestly.
Testosterone enanthate or cypionate is interchangeable so you should be ok with that I would start with the enanthate and then use the cypionate but that’s just my preference to cruise on cyp and blast on enanthate.
The mast prop is a great choice and I would have suggested either that or proviron. They have similarities but are completely different mast would be the better choice for cutting.

Yeah I don’t like sust either but then again others swear its the best that’s another preference but the peaks and valleys are horrible for me also its something that should really be inj eod.

If you can increase your testosterone to 500mg split 250mg 2x a week from the beginning and then taper back down at the end you will get better results especially if you’re able to start your mast prop at wk 2 and run it through the end.

I believe that the taper up and the taper down you would need a longer cycle probably 16wks or something even longer since you are on trt you could do a 20wk blast and cruise and taper up on both sides and use the mast prop while you are at 500mgs during the blast.

I would up your protein and keep carbs as high as you still have energy for the cut and don’t be scared to up your cals as long as you are working hard during the day in a construction type position plus working out ed and doing cardio it will give you the fuel that you need to grow muscle but not pack on water and fat.

I look forward to hearing more about your cycle brother good luck and good gains


I’m liking th e mix of sus and test e half way through fifth grade eek of current cycle. Could see myself sticking to regimen on future cycles especially if they are high test. Rest of my year 600 is probably th e highest in taking it after this one


Keeps us posted brother


Ok, I changed it up a little. This is the updated proposed cycle:

TRT - 125

1 - 250TE
2 - 375TE
3 - 425TE
4 - 500TE/300MP
5 - 500TE/300MP
6 - 500TE/300MP
7 - 500TE/300MP
8 - 500TE/300MP
9 - 500TE/300MP
10 - 500TE/300MP
11 - 500TE/300MP
12 - 500TE/300MP
13 - 500TE/300MP
14 - 425TE
15 - 375TE
16 - 250TE

TRT - 125 TC

Cpl questions:
Is it safe to run an ECA stack the whole cycle? I read a few places one shld cycle it 1 month on and 1 month off.

When running Masteron, wld it just be 1 shot a week or split it up? And is an AI necessary?

Is throwing some Winny in the last 4 weeks overkill? Still not sure abt the dry joints thing but if it’s overkill I’ll skip it.

Thank you for all the positive feedback!


No eca needed I would definitely inj eod with the mast prop test 2x a week.

I wouldn’t use winny it works but its risk vs reward isn’t there mast and possibly var I would probably choose


Thank you!


Split mast up if your gonna it use it twice a week

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I don’t like either but I’d add the var in somewhere over the winny and use the mast the whole time with the test, and as I read big Murph last answer if your using prop I’d even go 3x a week with the mast, if your using eth then2x a week


I thought you like eca stack @Bigmurph?


I love it but its not something that he should add in we still don’t know how his BP will react to just the compounds. Adding ephedrine will definitely raise bp don’t want anyone to stroke out.


Very interested in this. I’ve run varover winny as recommended before. Bc my joints. I liked the var.
r u gonna keep a log?

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Yeah, I’m still a little new so what’s the format for a log? I was just going to post every month with my weight and pics and update my diet and training as I go. I forgot to post pics last night but I’ll get to that soon.

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