Test Newbie Questions

Test Newbie Questions

I was told when I joined there were no dumb questions lol. Im trying to get a grip on all the lingo. Can someone answer the following for me…
what does test e stand for?
what does test p stand for?
and test c? I assume this one is cypionate ?

and what are the differences in these?

I see there are even more but I don’t want to wear out my welcome :crazy_face:



They are other esters like cypionate.


The difference between the 3 is the duration of time each ester of testosterone is active in the body.


Thanks Guys…that helps a lot.

Another question… Why would one choose the C over the E or vise versa ? They look the same on the chart above

some ppl say they more/less bloat with either or. personally i dont find a difference in either but when on cycle i use enthanate only because i can find it dosed higher so it takes up less volume in each pin

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TUT = Time Under Tension
HAM = Hard as a motherfucker
DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
SMH = Shaking my head
FFS = For Fuck’s sake
ATM = At the moment
OP = Original Post
FYI = For your information
IMO = In my opinion
IME = In my experience
iirc - If I Recall Correctly
Afaik - As far as I know
Tbh - to be honest
Idgaf - I don’t give a fuck
IMHO - in my honest opinion or in my honest opinion
ED - every day OR erectile dysfunction
EOD - every other day
E3D - every 3 days
AAS - Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
AI - Aromatise Inhibitor
ROM = Range of Motion
GH = Growth Hormone
Gyno = Gynocomastia
TRT = Test Replacement Therapy
PR = Personal Record
PB = Personal Best
-ppl - People
-IRL - In Real Life

  • i.e. : id est, that is
  • e.g. : exempli grati, for example
  • PIP: post injection pain
  • DG: dorsoglute
  • VG: ventroglute

Steroids, Testosterone-Based

Steroids, Dihydrotestosterone-Based

Steroids, Nandrolone-Based

Common Esters (Half-Life Days)

Other Hormones



Fat Burning


Bro… you are like the the juice Wikipedia… lol


The difference is literally one carbon atom. Some say C is less PIP than E for that reason. It is cheaper to make C than E. My preference is E

Personal preference. I feel like test cyp hits harder than test enanthate. I feel happier on test cyp. I feel I look better on test cyp. My favorite though is sustanon which is a blend of 4 testosterone esters which act as a time release. Sustanon makes me look full and vascular with a great mood enhancement. It definitely hits the hardest.


Ever TRT on sus? I haven’t… curious though of any benefit… I know most say… test is test

Man that was awesome! Thanks for the post! Very very helpful

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Thanks Guys…sorry for the newbie questions. Im learning and hopeful will be able to add useful information at some point

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All the info above is spot on, test c and test e are pretty interchangeable. There’s a very slight difference but I personally don’t notice a difference as far as results.

Cypionate is about 3% less testosterone than Enanthate. That’s about the only difference on paper. I’ve never noticed any difference with PIP or any sides.

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Don’t apologize for the questions buddy

I do a self prescribed higher dose TRT on sustanon. :grinning:


thanks guys…appreciate it! Love this site


I prefer cyp or enth during TRT but love to blast by throwing in some shorter esters like prop, base, and some sust!

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