Test primo var mhn hgh cycle BIGMURPH

Test primo var mhn hgh cycle BIGMURPH

So I just wanted to write a little update on how my cycle was going. I’ve been running 600 mg primo from bm pharmaceuticals a week and I started off taking 50 mg of VAR from pharmacom but it was way to much for me. I lowered it to 40mg then to just 20mg split a day and im really happy with the var. Im going to run 100 tabs then stop the var and wait 4wks then pulse 4wks of the MHN at 20mg a day split but I will drop the dose probably down to 10mg split.
The primo is amazing im 4wks in and I feel incredibly solid. I actually tested the primo from bm pharmaceuticals twice because I kept thinking it was tren or mast because in 4wks ive really cut up nice. I guess I just expected for it to take longer to get to this point. I believe that the pcom var definitely played a strong role in these first 4wks.
Im going to increase the primo to 800mgs while dropping the var.
My hgh is at 2iu 5 days a wk

More to come feeling great I think that my estro is a little low need to drop the examestane down to 6.25 a wk instead of 12.5 a wk.
Running 250mg of test now just increased from 180mg


Outfuckingstanding brother, how exactly could you tell that the Var was to high??

Hell yeah bro. I’m super pumped for you and this cycle.

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Good var always makes me dehydrated and I get muscle cramps also during my workouts it feels like my skin is going to tear open from the pumps I get.
I bring it down to the point that I still get those strong pumps but no crazy cramps and im able to finish without almost being in pain.
Good any oral especially var with me effects my eating habits but good var or orals in general wont give you bubble guts or destroy your appetite.

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Its going well im looking in the mirror saying damn.
I damn near double in size it looks like when im all pumped up. Hopefully at the end its the size I will be lol

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