Testosterone Caproate Ester chat

Has anyone tried this ester? The price is insane and was questioning why anyone would make it if there isn’t a bonus. Are poeple alregic to esters? I have heard that arguement that tren Hex is better than tren A/E but it confuses me because aren’t they just carriers? So does the carrier oils also effect the outcome or is everything I just listed hogwash?

In my experience with different Test esters and Tren esters, the ester is the end all be all for me. On Tren Hex, I get absolutely 0 side effects. I ventured up to 300mg with it and was completely fine with only the benefits. Tren enanthate I ran for awhile around the same dose and I had really bad heartburn and night sweats. The last time I ran ace I took it to 350mg and I had every side ever listed I think lol. Granted, I will say that I believe mindset and placebo effects often come into play by what we read and hear regurgitated by the bros on forums. I’m currently running Tren ace again and though it’s only been a week I’ve had no side effects aside from some light sweating day and night.

As for the Test, I’ve tried Prop, phenyl prop, enanthate, cypionate and Iso and each has it’s own qualities I like. The Iso to me has by far felt the best at higher doses. On enanthate and Cyp at higher doses I feel a lot more aggression and agitation day to day but I can run them without issue under 600mg. Iso i have taken to 1000 and tapered it back to 840 and I have had no water retention, no moon face, no acne, some slightly oily skin but that’s about it.

These are all my own personal experiences but I do believe that the timeframe it takes for different esters to “clear” and allow the hormone to release has a lot to do with side effects and how we feel. Just my opinion from my experience.


Thanks for the reply. When you ran the Hex vs the a/e did you have similar compounds or different per cycle?

The e and a were run with similar compounds but the hex was recently run during this Primo run.

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Huh. Why primo with the tren? Seems like one is on the soft side of AAS while the other is on harsh side. I personally see more primo users as the people more health concerned and tren for someone who wants something much stronger without worrying about the sides. It there a synergistic effect I’m missing? Seems like tren does what primo does and then some.

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I personally research the shit out of compounds to try to stack things in the most efficient way possible. For myself, I’ve always used a Test/19nor/DHT stack but geared it towards my ultimate goal. Be it cutting or bulking the stack is a means of adding what my nutrition and fitness programs won’t do by themselves. I wanted to design a stack to aid in my lean bulk cycle but continue to keep body fat and water retention at bay. The Primo being a DHT combined with the Tren, the 19nor, fit the bill. Sure Primo isn’t going to add drastic size like the Tren has the potential to but it will do more than something like Mast would in the long run.


I like the thinking outside of the normal cookie cutter

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