Thank you for the invite!

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Good Day!
Nice looking board! Happy to be here and Thank YOU, Burr for the invite!
I already see some familiar faces :slight_smile:
Best regards


welcome sir.

there are not many guys id vouch for, but this man has pretty mych a perfect track record.

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Welcome to are you interested in verification?

Lets do it sir, I am up for any verification :slight_smile:
What do I have to do ?

Best Regards

Thank you Burrr :slight_smile:

welcome my friend. ,
you may know me. im.sure. i was , siegmund at mg and Pege at E. …
either way. its a pleasure to have you aboard.

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i met Pharmacist on meso. he is part of a brick and mortar pharmacy in europe.
no gear, and no abusable drugs like pain or sleep meds.
pretty much anything else he can get, and at great prices.
ive been using him for my adex, hcg, bonerpills, antibiotics, acne meds, vit b and probably a few things im forgetting.


Welcome abroad brother

Good to see you here sir!
A pleasure to be here!

Thank you!

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Welcome to UG Muscle brother! :muscle::grin:

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