Thanks for invite

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Been around for a while now .been on eroids and mg for a number of year s.I train to live and live to train. Npc competetor as a mid weight bb . been training for a number of year but finally got the compitition bug a few years ago.Thanks for the invite and hope to help if anyone needs it.

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Welcome wes hows it going im not sure if you recognize the name but gettingbig might sound familiar also.
Glad to have you here you sure can help out we hope that you like the site if you need anything have any questions about the site hit me up anytime brother

I was scanning through some stuff now and recognize a lot of names here from a few of the boards I’m on . I know you from droids and mg .

Welcome Wes. When’s the next show?

June 2018. I’m trying to target some zones I felt needed addressed.

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There are alot of brothers and sisters around here that frequent both and others.
Its a great mix with a different direction.
Uncensored open talk about everything allows for more open conversation on different topics.

Welcome @wes always nice to have a fellow competitor join us. If you need anything feel free to contact me.

Will do my brother thank you for the welcome

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whats up wes ? welcome to ug. …

What’s u p sieg .

So great to see you online!

Calm g Ort locked out of acct on mg and sent a least 20 emails never got anything back so I gave up. Been kicking it at droids

Ohhh! Darn! Well I’m glad you came over here. Im never on E!

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