The Best Bodybuilding and Steroid Forum Online

So discussing the best bodybuilding and steroid forum online… Obviously I may be a “little” bias here, but heres my analogy on them. This will be a multiple series.

  • Listening. So to start with the basics, we listen to our members. Usually you will see me post up polls on any major changes and what members like or dislike. This is because we want the site to have a good user experience. Example is a latest poll

  • Safety. Theres certain things I touch on here and why I believe it is best for all people using the site. From activity online to what type of phone app or devices to use, we cover it all. We also DO NOT TRACK IP ADDRESSES. This is important because other sites wont tell you what they are retaining and what they are not retaining. I purposely do not track any this info, as obviously I believe in privacy.

For example here is my last IP address info of my account.

Because of the IP issue we have to be a little more stringent on accounts and when things are concerning members. We cant ban an IP or such the way other forums can. There is a way to reverse that and show the actual ip but we dont enable that so we have no record of it to protect you and us. The access logs also get purged regularly.

  • Information. Just about anything you need know related to bodybuilding and steroids you can find here.This board has a lot of educated and experienced bodybuilders and people. If you have a question can always use the search or ask what you need.

  • Anonymous posting. At a certain level you can choose to post anonymously. This is a cool feature only this type of system has. This was a feature of the software I really liked when we decided on it since sometimes you want a post something without everyone knowing what it was.

  • The software. The software we use (discourse) vs the software that other sites use. Sure you cant access it via tapatalk or other forum apps. Tapatalk has been known for tracking information and users of the platform. So by using it you are also allowing a third party to access your data. Now on to the forum software itself, Most major companies are swtiching or migrating to discourse. Discourse is more secure and open source where the other softwares are not.

  • Sponsors. Without saying we have a great group of sponsors that no matter where you are or what you need, someone has it covered.

  • The members. Without a doubt we have some the best members and staff here. Trustworthy, helpful, experienced. Genuinely trying to help people rather then coming on just to troll everyone. Sometimes we can argue like a family does but hey it gets settled and thats that.

Anyways just some things I was thinking about when talking to someone about UGM compared to their forum.


Hands down the best forum out there, I’ve been on just about every forum out there and none come close to UGM!

Ugm is definitely where it’s at :green_heart:

I have only been on 5 other forums and this by far is the best one.
Is is currently the only one I regularly go to daily.

I appreciate everything you do @TrenGod and all the other mods. This was my first and probably last forum I will join.

I’ve been on a ton of forums. This by far is my favorite one. No one calls you an idiot if you suggest certain things, but give the pros and cons of your question or thoughts. Great site. Except people hate Winstrol. :joy::joy::joy:


Ha ha

lol :))

Thanks os much in helping me learn. I am a slow learner but I fo appreciate the time you have given me. All this is no good if you do not have the basics done at the gym.

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