The diary of a first timer

Happy to report that I did my second test E injection today from optum with no adverse reactions. Thinking I may have had a reaction to food/vitamins. (Or my nerves got me)

With that being said this will be my log to hold myself accountable. Expect updates daily unless I get busy at work.

Starting stats: 5’ 10, 165 pounds, roughly 12% body fat

Goal: gain lean mass, improve conditioning, and improve strength in Olympic lifts.

Training: Olympic lifting, metcons, rucking, and running.

Diet: I eat the same meals everyday. Besides dinner which is usually some form of rice/pasta w/ some form of meat. Thursday nights I have a shake from sonic to keep myself sane. Roughly: 2900 cals, 160-190 grams of protein. The rest is filled with carbs and fats.

Cycle: weeks 1-16: 500mg split between Monday/Thursday of Test E.
weeks 17-18: nothing
Week 19-24: PCT consisting of nolvadex and clomid.

I have arimidex on hand but hopefully I will not need it!

I will consider today day 1 (NOV 9th): Pinned my VG with 25g/1inch needle. No pain, may have moved the needle around a little due to nervousness. Other than that no pain so far to speak of.


I look forward to following your log


Right on brother, keep logging and you’ll see your progress over time. Be safe and ask questions.


I remember my first time doing a shot! It took a solid 30 mins haha in my thigh if all places. I was sweating and terrified not going to lie lol

Glad you’re good brother. God speed!


Nov 9th workout:

Warm up: 5 minutes easy echo bike
Crossover symmetry activation
Dynamic hip/leg warm up

Snatch work:
2 sets: 2 snatch pull + 2 snatches @ 105#
3 sets: 2 snatch pull + 2 snatches @ 115#

Snatch balance:
2x3 at 115#
3x3 at 125#

Back squat:
5x4 @85% 1RM (215#)

High hang clean shrug:
5x5 at 215#

Every 6:00 ( 5 sets)
18/15 Calorie Row
5 Burpee Box Get Overs (48/42)(OR 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24)
12/10 Calorie Row
5 Burpee Box Get Overs (48/42)(OR 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24)
6/4 Calorie Row

Times where: 4:56, 4:12, 4:15, 3:58, 3:53


We will be watching to hold you accountable buddy


Kick ass.

Keep up the hard work! That conditioning sounds killer!!

Question for all/anyone.

Second injection was yesterday. Yesterday night I started getting a very flushed warm feeling in my face and ears which has stuck around and still occurring 24 hours post injection. This is my first cycle so I don’t know what’s normal/not normal. Any insight on this?

@rusty @Bigmurph @BigSwole69 @John

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First cycle just testosterone it is probably something that we call testosterone flu which your body when you inj your immune system detected a foreign substance and it goes to work.
This could also be your blood pressure rising you should definitely monitor your BP during your first cycle especially.

Keep us updated if at any time you feel more side effects or worse symptoms go to the emergency room only because im worried about an allergic reaction but I believe that you would know by now if it was that


Only time I get a flushed feeling is after injecting bases

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It didn’t occur immediately after. I laid down last night to go to bed and my face just started feeling very warm. Starts at neck level and is in my cheeks and ears.

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Yeah murph is right! Feel like shit.

Everytime I cruise for awhile and them ramp up my dose I feel like crap for 3-5 days.


Sounds good!

Trying not to be a hypochondriac here but I’m very self aware about what I put in my body. So to say the least I’m being extra picky/cautious is an understatement.


You should be and were here to help definitely.
Everyone is different so we can give our experience but we really can’t know without your bp your body temperature it could have honestly just been some adrenaline or anxiety alot of different variables.
I look forward to see how everything works out

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I don’t even know what to say buddy, I haven’t experienced that


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