The guy that hates the supplement industry

The guy that hates the supplement industry

I’m actually taking all these supps now
Creatine all kinds
MIC caps
Hydration product that is amazing so much stronger than mio like 6x stronger.
Liver support mushroom mix
Glucosamine msm
Vivarin 200mg caffeine
Asprin 81mg
Ephedrine hcl amps 50mg/ml

For the guy that preaches the supplement industry is the devil most of these products have been working great and I couldn’t be happier


I feel you there bro. The supplement companies and pharmaceutical companies are the Devil. But it’s a necessary evil sometimes lol. I’ll post a pic of my supplement cabinet when I get home today.

You do realize that even taking over the counter pills are rough on your kidneys don’t you? Your body still has to break them down just like it does with oral steroids. Try to use powders if you can it’s more difficult but will help in long run. Just a pro tip for free lol


I completely agree I make sure that I’m not taking everything at once its really just liver protectant and creatine at the moment plus the joint stuff really helps the rest is only taken when needed like the vitamin b6 or even the mushroom mix.

Appreciate the info brother +1

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I just remembered I said I’d post a pic of my supplement cabinet

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