The importance of donating blood

The Blackroid staff is always concerned with the health of those using AAS.

We want to take the time to explain why donating blood is crucial to all taking any kind of Steroids.

The need to donate blood is often hand in hand with androgen use. Androgens increase the number of red blood cells, leading to ‘thick blood’. This can be seen on blood tests as elevated hematocrit. The reason is that Testosterone and other androgens have an erythropoietic stimulating effect. These effects increase the chance of a stroke.

Or in plain English, your kidneys secrete erythoprotien as they detect decreased O2 circulation due to androgen use, which increases hemoglobin / hematocrit / RBC.

The issue with red cells being too high is that up to a certain point an increase in red cells will cause an increase in oxygen delivery to tissues. Returns diminish after about a hct of 50 because the increased viscosity will decrease oxygen delivery, despite there being more oxygen per unit of volume of blood. Too high hematocrit is bad because of this and, as mentioned, it increases the chance of stroke. It also puts much more load on the heart to pump thicker blood, which is bad for obvious reasons.

Finally, bone marrow will replenish the red cells. Especially if whatever is causing the hct to be high is still there. Like AAS, COPD, living at the top of a mountain, etc. This is called “secondary polycythemia.” The only cure is to remove the cause. But donating blood could help. It will not lower the hct all that much with the small volume they take off. If your hct is 55% donating blood is not going to drop you to 45%. But you will generate a fresh supply of red blood cells. Younger red blood cells are more compliant and can go through capillaries easier than old red cells. This is part of the reason for the theory that women get a lot of health benefits from menstruating every month. They have a constant fresh supply of red blood cells and avoid iron overload.

Aside from high hematocrit, it Is a great practice to do (saving lives!), and you may benefit from it yourself one day. If you have a rare or useful/broadly compatible blood type, even more reason to do so.

Stay Healthy,

BR Staff


Just changed my oil last week

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Defiantly a win all the way around!

O neg baby! Every 7 weeks


O neg as well, I used to donate every other month like clockwork, haven’t for a few years now.

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Does your hip “repair” prevent you from donating again?

I don’t know?? The only thing they told me that I remember was that when I go to dentist I have to take an anti biotic the day before and the day of… I’ll have to ask my doctor in 2 weeks when I’m there

Curious…thats what my dentist just asked me about knee surgery. He made sure it wasn’t “replaced”.

Now you have me curious… I’ll do some digging and find out

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Please do! I have several metals throughout my body. Well exactly 13. And I have never been denied donation.

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I need to get in for a donation soon. Have been putting it off for too long


I need to get in for a donation here soon myself!


I donate regularly but I do feel bad for the kids who might potentially receive it and start wondering why they are getting hairy and there voice deepens lol


That’s funny!

Just got a call canceling my appointment. Weather around here messing everything up.

That sucks

It’s times like these I wish I could give thumbs down sorry to hear

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They told me last time if my hematocrit gets too high they won’t draw blood. I’m worried if I wait too long I won’t be able to donate. I guess we’ll see.

May have to see doctor for it

I just donated a few weeks ago. Found out I was AB+

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